As the two goes to where that "meeting-place" is, the people continue to work to rebuild the country. They're doing it with full of sadness, hatred and all sorts of emotions. They had no choice though. They're all adults, if it weren't for the Prince, they wouldn't act one.

Moving on to the place, the two walks to the very edge of the country. There, you will see a sealed door under the grasses. Only the Prince can open it.

Prince: "Hime, let's keep this a secret between us. Promise? *Pinky Promise*. You will see something extraordinary but try not to be scared of it. You also has this."

The Prince place his hand in front of the lock and releases a fire through it. The fire enters the lock, it's not an ordinary lock, ofcourse. It's made by him. The Princess asks...

Princess: "Fire?! You're hands burning! What's happening?" the door opened and the Prince explained..

Prince: "This is what you call power element. It's a long story. I'll tell you about it when we get inside. You also have one, Hime. It's "Ice", it's not for harming people. It's for protecting them. Always remember that. Shall we proceed?" the Princess only nods and they enter the place. 

Under that door, you will see a Garden. A beautiful, full of life garden. There's a lake, swaying grasses, and singing birds. Oh, and also a swan. This makes the Princess calm down a bit and forget the whole thing. It was like a dream after a nightmare. Then, she smiled happily as she looks around. The Prince felt happy ,seeing her smile like that... To him, it's a price he got for all of his hard work --- her smile.

next chapter: Chapter 10: The power... 

to be continued...

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