He then look at what the Princess expressions. Suprisingly, she doesn't seem confused nor shocked. He's waiting for the responds and expected to be a lot of questions or something. Now the Princess looks at him with normal expression and tell him this,

Princess: "I see. That's easy to understand. Before we came in, you told me something about me, having "Ice" as my power. I don't know how to use it yet nor I didn't even know that I have that kind of thing in me. I wasn't surprised though. If I'm lucky to have you teach me, even a bit of it, I'll try my best for it. It's not like I like it, I just think that's something that'll change my life and something I must learn. I don't seek for revenge, also. I think that's what my parents wants me to do, too. It'll be of use for the country... We should tell this to them someday... " *smiles*. 

The Prince was surprised, at the same time feel relieved.

Prince: "You're responds are the opposite of what I expected. But it's better that way... I'll teach you how to use it. We can do it here... and as you said, we will tell to the people about it someday, not now. I'm sure they'll understand it." and so they remain at the Garden for a few hours and return to where the people are.

They help in rebuilding the country... It takes a month for them to clean and rebuild all of it. They also buried the ones who died. Full of cries and emotions... still, they have to start a new life for new beginning and move on.

Next Chapter: Chapter 12: Ten years had passed...  

to be continued...

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