At the palace of Lothiriel...

Mitsuhide: "HIME! Where are you? Tsk. She leave her mountain of paper works again! Grr.. HIME! I'll make sure she won't be sleeping tonight."

Obi: "Ahem. If you're looking for her, you're just wasting time. Let her be... that's a big lost of energy.~ hehe I won't let you chase after her."

Mitsuhide: "Oh..oh.. why? you're always get in the way when she goes out. Aren't you spoiling her a bit , cat-eyed?!" 

Obi: "I don't think I'm doing that. hehe~ Oh Why, you say? because... it's her order."

Mitsuhide: "Aiisshh. What a real pain. There's no helping it, I'll let it slide this time. Go guard her now!"

Then they go back to their work. Mitsuhide in paper works together with the Princess's secretary - Morgiana-san; a very quiet one. And Obi goes for a walk ignoring what Mitsuhide ordered him to. It's like this at the Palace often. They're a bunch of people with different personalities...

On the other side, Mitsuhide is having a hard time doing the works. Being alone with Morgiana-san is too hard. It's very quiet, she's a girl with only few words. He started to think of a topic...

Mitsuhide: "Morgiana-san, do you have any idea of where the Princess goes lately?".

Morgiana stared at him with poker face and replied, "No." He then added, "I see. hmm.. that's a problem." The quiet aura begun again. He really feel very burdened and continue working. 


Mitsuhide: Right-hand man of the Princess; a very loyal and "strong" servant

Obi: her Messenger & Body Guard; A ninja with an eye like cat. (cat-eyed) You can't tell what his thinking.

Morgiana-san: Secretary; a very quiet one. 

to be continued... 

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