A lot of people had already died. No one can't leave the country. The ships are all broken and some are gone. Signals are not available. They are unable to communicate outside the country. Despite all that, the so-called corrupt royal families aren't helping them. Some of them are already dead.

--- "You're supposed to help us! What are you doing? Save our country! Saving your own life and all..." someone shouted.

--- "Leave them be. They are no use! They will all soon be dead anyway. Let's just save ourselves and find the top 3 royal family or the other family next to them. They may help us! Hurry!".

They run to find them for help but they can't find them. The enemy spotted them and killed them. Some hide but were discovered. What to do? An all out massacre is beyond nightmare. 

Meanwhile, at the palace. In the room, the man took a lot of tool for experiments, knives and other harmful things.Then said...

Man: "Now, Should we get started? Oh, this will take a few hours. Be sure to be good kids or else YOU'LL BE NEXT TO DIE! Buhahahaha!".

The kids are too scared to speak.

Man: "Be sure to open your eyes until its over. Follow the instruction and no one will be punished. Alright, you two? Now, Let's begin the main part of this nightmare!" And so the torture begins. 

Will there be an end to this? No one can depend on anyone anymore. The country's falling bit by bit. Someone needs to put an end to this or else the country will be completely ruined. 

to be continued...

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