Epilogue | Life is Beautiful

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Song: Like There's No Yesterday

Artist (s): Mark Wills

We can't plan life, all we can do is be available for it.


Falling for a person isn't a process. You can't plan for it in advance or anticipate it's arrival. Love strikes in single moments. Anywhere, anytime. We can't control it. One day you'll catch a glimpse of them gardening in the sun or singing tunelessly in the shower and you'll think to yourself, 'Oh, I could spend the rest of my life with you'. One thing I've learned is that life is extremely unpredictable, and sometimes it's better to go with the flow rather than plan things out. The best of things come unplanned. Just like Neel did. Just like the twins did.

"Penny for your thoughts?" Neel called out catching me off-guard. I shuffle away from him glancing at his beautiful face, and then around the room at the twins who were still watching the movie playing on the tv.

"Just thinking about how blessed I am" I smile at him moving back to rest my head on his chest. Life can be a bitch, but life is also beautiful.

My name is Olivia Greene and this was my story.


This is it. The end of The Bad Boy Saved Me. I truly loved writing this book and the support I always receive is amazing and I couldn't be more thankful. I know everyone has a lot of question regarding Neels past but I didn't want to complicate the epilogue, so I'll be doing a Q&A soon about this so you can leave your questions here. Thank you once again for all the love and support. Please...




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