T H I R T E E N | This Is Not Happening

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Song: Do Right

Artist (s): GLADES

Your attitude determines your direction.


Neel had the cart and guided us all down the aisles; even though we had only come for steak, Neel thought it would be a better idea to get grocery shopping out of the way so that we wouldn't have to come back again later.  Julian and Julius had already gone off to do their own little shopping which left Neel and I. Neel had said that I could get anything, but it didn't feel right to use his money. Maybe I should get a job, but with my anxiety I don't think it'll work.

"Wait right here, I'm going to go and grab the steak" Neel said walking away leaving me with the cart. I pulled the cart to the side of the aisle so I wasn't blocking anyone from going past and just waited.

"Olivia?" my blood ran cold at the familiarity of the voice. God, no. Please no. I clutched the handle of the cart, holding on for dear life. My hands got clammy and I could feel my breathing get heavier. 

"My oh my, I haven't seen you for a while" the voice got closer and closer. He looked exactly the same. Nothing had changed. His lips were titled up with the same smirk and his eyes glinted the same intentions. Mark, my step-fathers best friend. This has to be a dream.

"It's about time I visited again, isn't it?" his eyes dragged down to my feet before coming back up to meet my face and it disgusted me. I didn't look at him and instead tried to steer away with the cart but he stopped me.

"Please" I choked. I couldn't deal with this. Not now. Not ever. 

"Dammit, you know how much I love it when you beg" Mark laughed manically. He moved his hands over mine and dragged them slowly up my arms. 

Why wouldn't my legs move?!

Gathering up the courage I didn't know I had, I pushed Marks chest taking the opportunity to run away, as he stumbled backwards, leaving the cart where it was. I ran down three aisles until I finally found Neel. 

"Lets go" I grabbed Neels hand dragging him towards the entrance. Julian and Julius who stood behind him with a pile of food just stared on.

"Hey, hey. What happened." Neel pulled me back in-front of him. He assessed my face for a second before his face fell hard.

"Why are you crying? Is Tobias here? I swear to God if h-" I yanked on Neels arm again effectively shutting him up. Seeing the desperation in my eyes he listened throwing the steak in his hand to Julian asking to to pay for our stuff. Julian and Julius went off, probably in search for the cart.

I sped-walked to the car breathing heavily. I pulled the car handle wanting to open it, but it was locked. I turned around to face Neel who just stared.

"What happened?" I shook my head at him. Neel kept glancing back at the entrance before back at me.

"Can we please go?" my voice shook uncontrollably. I didn't want to see him again. 

"What the hell happened, Olivia?" Neels voice began to rise and without thinking I ran towards him clutching onto his shirt, burying my face into his chest willing my self not to cry. Neels arms instantly wound around my shoulders without a second of hesitation. He held me for a few minutes, rubbing my back soothingly.

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