S I X | Step By Step

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{Pic of Neel}

Song: Sick Boy

Artist (s): Chainsmokers

It takes a huge effort to free yourself from memories.


Neel had directed me to a room opposite his and told me to settle in. The walls were a cream colour and bare of any pictures. The room was decorated with a double bed along with a bed side table along with a desk. There were two other doors in the room, connecting to a walk in closet and bathroom.

I placed my school bag, looking around the room, not knowing what to do. I really needed a shower to help myself relax but I realised I had no clothes. After a lot of contemplating, I finally decided to seek the help of Neel. 

Finding my way to Neels room, I stood outside, knocking twice. When I heard a rough 'come in', I opened the door stepping in, keeping my eyes locked on the carpet underneath me. 

"Did you need anything?" Neel asked shuffling around his room. I played with my fingers and finally decided to look up. Neel was stood in front of his mirror, with only a pair of grey sweatpants covering him. He was scrolling through his phone with one hand, and with the other he was drying his hair with a towel. He turned around and an instant blush crept up my face. 

"Olivia" Neel called out for me. I cleared my throat, looking anywhere but at him.

"I...erm...I don't have any clothes" Neels chiselled 6 pack was very prominent and very hard to miss. I don't know how I hadn't noticed before but Neel's right arm was littered with tattoos, mimicking a sleeve. Neel nodded walking into his closet and returning with one of his sleeveless shirts and some shorts. 

"These are the smallest clothes I could find" Neel held them out to me but I didn't take them. They wouldn't cover them. My scars would be on display. Neel looked at me questioningly when I didn't take what he offered.

"I'm sorry, I'd just keep what I've got on." I turned around to leave, not wanting to bother him. Before I could leave, Neel grabbed my wrist pulling me back. I instantly tear my wrist out of his hold and hold it against my chest. 

"If you don't want these, you can take whatever else you want from my closet. Tomorrow after school, we can go buy you some new clothes." Neel said pointing to the closet. I thanked him, walking into his closet. I grabbed the baggiest, long sleeved shirt I could find and some sweatpants. Thanking him once more, I headed straight for my room and into the shower. 



I sighed as I watched Olivia leaving my room. It would take some time before she completely trusted me. I quickly pulled on a black shirt heading downstairs, to talk to Julian and Julius. Thankfully, I found them both in the living room. As soon as I walked in, they sat up waiting for answers.

"That's Olivia. She goes to my school." I sat on the couch next to them, they didn't need to know anything else. They both sighed, slumping themselves down next to me. There was only a few minutes of silence before there was a harsh knock on the door. I stood up making my way towards the door, pulling it open.

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