N I N T E E N | I Like You

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Song: High Hopes 

Artist (s): Panic! At the Disco

We accept the love we think we deserve.


"You alright?" 

"Perfect" I sighed watching the sunset. Bursts of gold on lavender melting into saffron. It's that time of day where the sky looks like it had been spray painted by a graffiti artist.

"Thank you for bringing me here" I turned to Neel sending him a small smile. 

"No problem" Neel shook his head still staring at me. Not having any self-control my eyes flickered down towards his lips before back up to his eyes, only then did I realise that he was doing the exact same thing. 

"Olivia, I ne-"

"Guys, there's a campfire going on. Let's go. Nathan's already there." Julian ran up behind us, pulling us up. I sighed dusting the shorts I had put on after my swim. It had started to get more chilly as the sun began setting but it was welcomed. We walked in silence until we reached the campfire. Well, it was less of a campfire but more of a party with extremely loud music and way too much drinking. 

I turned to Neel but I had already lost him in the crowd. Feel a sense of panic I frantically looked around to find at least one familiar face and eventually I did. I ran straight passed the crowds and straight towards Nathan.

"Woah,  eager to see me much?" Nathan laughed steadying me. I didn't reply mostly because I was trying to get my breath back. Nathan took notice of this and handed me a red solo cup which I instantly gave back.

"No alcohol? That's fine, there's soda too" Nathan swapped the drinks handing me a cup which I gratefully took with a thank you. Looking around once again, I finally spotted both Neel and the twins who grouped together between a bunch of girls. Something burnt instead me and even I couldn't deny that I was most certainly jealous.

"You like him, don't you?" Nathan asked looking at Neel, who had caught Nathan and I staring at him, before looking back at me.

"No" I stuttered looking away from Neels burning gaze. I liked Neel. No doubt about it. I'm not the prettiest girl out there. I'm clumsy and I'm messy and there are probably a ton of better girls out there, but I like him. I can't help it.

"Really?" Nathan stretched not believing a word. I nodded looking anywhere but at him.

"So, you wouldn't mind if I did this?" Nathan asked stepping forward until we were mere inches apart. Before I could step away a new hand made it's way between us pushing at Nathans chest before slipping around my waist, a pair of lips meeting mine. Before I could react they disappeared.

"Fuck, I should have asked first. I'm so-" I kissed him, my hands cupping his face. Neel momentarily froze before he wrapped both of his arms around my waist, lifting me slightly off the ground. I didn't know how long we were kissing for but goddamn that was amazing.

"Alright kids, split it up. Not in public. You can continue once we get back home" Julian said rushing between the two of us pulling us apart making me blush beet red. Julius was standing beside Nathan just smiling at us. 

"For the record, I was never going to kiss her" Nathan piped in when he saw Neel glaring at him.

"You needed a push, because you're too much of a pussy to actually tell her you like her on your own" Nathan laughed along with the twins when Neel flipped them the bird making me blush once again. He liked me. Did he say that or are they assuming?

"Fuck off" Neel gritted slipping his hand into mine dragging us away from the crowd and away from the party back to where we were originally sitting. Neel sat down pulling me to sit next to him, his hand never leaving mine.

"I re-" Neel and I started at each other as we both spoke up at the same time.

"You first" We said together again.

"You" and again. We let out a chuckle before Neel decided to go first. 

"I'm not really good with words. Or feelings in general so I'm giving this my best shot." I nodded as he continued. "I like you." My heart began beating faster in my chest as Neel continued talking. "God, I don't know since when, how or why. I guess it's just the vibes you give me. You're smiles, the way you laugh. Just the fact that you can make me think of you even when we're not together. I don't have an answer to why, but God I want you." I could hear the sound of my heartbeat in my ears. 

"Aren't you going to say anything" I blinked in surprise not realising I was staring.

"Oh, um, I like you too. A lot. More than a lot. A lot a lot" I let out a groan hiding my face in my hands when Neel burst out laughing.  

"You're adorable" Neel pulled my hands away from my face, kissing each palm, still chuckling to himself.

"Let me finish" I turned so I sat facing Neel, not taking my hands out of his.

"You know when I first met you, I never would have imagined that I would have such strong feelings for you. I never thought that I would have be impatient to talk to you or miss being by your side or get that feeling in my stomach when someone mentions your name. When I first met you I never would have thought that I would like you this much. But here I am." I smiled at him and he returned it before it changed into a smirk.

"You never thought you would like me this much? How much is 'this much'?  A lot a lot?" I glared at him slapping his shoulder repetitively only making Neel laugh harder.

"Don't worry. I like you too. A lot a lot" Neel said grabbing my wrist holding them against his chest. I let a smile slip onto my face when Neel tucked a strand of hair behind my ear before capturing my lips once again. Much slower than before and it was still perfect.

Everything was perfect but somewhere deep down I had a feeling it wouldn't last.


Thank you so much for being so patient with me. Well, the moment has finally arrived. They kissed. I hope I did the kiss justification. If I didn't, just know that it was really special in my mind.




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