S I X T E E N | Silence Before The Storm

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{Gif of Neel}

Song: Love Lies

Artist (s): Khalid, Normani

Always speak the truth, even if your voice shakes.


Family isn't always blood. Family isn't always defined by blood; it's defined by commitment and compassion. It means showing up when someone needs them the most. It means having each others backs. It's choosing to stand by each other even on the days they're struggling to like each other. It means not giving up on each other.

And guess what? I found my family.

These last few weeks had me shaking in fear but I wouldn't change a single thing that had happened. Fear is nothing but an obstacle that stands in the way of progress. Our inner strength is in-vulnerable to fear. 

I sighed closing my locker, whilst hitching my bag higher up my shoulder, turning around to face Nathan. 

"Come on, how much longer do I have to do this?" Nathan groaned once again as I ignored him. It had been a week and Nathan had been pestering me non-stop to become friends. I didn't want to become friends. I didn't need friends. I already had everyone I needed.

"Please, just give me a-" my phone buzzed cutting him off. I had finally decided to accept the phone that Neel offered me after he constantly begged me to. I only had 3 people in my contact list and those were the only people I needed.

Waiting by the car - Neel

Neel would usually walk to my locker and we would leave school together but I had insisted he waited for me outside from now on. From the corner of my eye I saw Tobias rummage through his locker and my heart unconsciously sped up. Within a second Tobias looked up and caught my gaze before looking away again. He hadn't approached me since our last encounter for which I was grateful for but I wasn't stupid. 

This was only the silence before the storm.

"Who is it?" Nathan asked peeping at my phone. I ignored him turning around to leave but he just followed me. Once I saw Neel I picked up my pace trying to get to him faster whilst also avoiding Nathan.

"What the hell is he doing here?" Neel asked glaring at Nathan. I shrugged in response. 

"Do you have no self-respect?" Neel clenched his fists pushing himself off his car.

"None" Nathan clicked his tongue. Nathan and Neel both stood toe-to-toe at this point glaring each other down, Neel having the advantage of being a few inches taller. 

"I just want to be friends. What's the problem?" Nathan asked looking at me. 

"You don't force friendships, fuck-face." Neel spat turning around grabbing a hold of my wrist taking me towards the passenger side. 

"Just give me a chance. Let me take you out to coffee and if you still don't want to be friends I'll leave you alone" Nathan insisted. I hated coffee.

"You're going to leave her alone either way, do you understand me" Neel opened my door, still glaring at Nathan, waiting for me to sit in. Nathan ignored him still looking at me.

"Fine" I whispered but he had heard. Neels head snapped towards me, something flashing in his eyes, while an accomplished smile slipped onto Nathans face.

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