F O U R | Fear

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{Pic of Julian and Julias}

Song: Train Wreck

Artist (s): James Arthur

Its takes a huge effort to free yourself from memories



"Julian" I called out. Julian turned around running up to me, taking a seat.

"Find out everything you can about Tobias Smith" I said. Julian was the best at this. He nodded getting up and leaving. There was something majorly off about that guy and right now, I just needed a reason to re-design his face. A few minutes later, Julian walked back into the room.

"Tobias is an 18 year old senior, attending the same high-school as you. He moved to this town 4 years ago along with his father." Julian informed taking a seat, when I asked him to.

"Why?" I questioned raising my eyebrows. Julian scanned the papers he was holding before answering.

"His father married a woman from this town. Although she died, the same year from cancer. He also has a step-sister, Olivia Greene." he finished. I nodded, processing all the information given.

"Oh, and also. He's been imprisoned previously, for domestic violence. He used to beat his girlfriend." I knew it. Of-course he was an abuser. I had only met Olivia two days ago, yet I could already see the signs of abuse. I just needed proof. She wasn't willing to tell me, so I had to find out myself.

"Why the sudden interest, though?" Julian asked stretching his legs out.

"No reason" I wasn't a saint. I didn't go around helping girls in distress. But when it came to abuse, it touched me personally.

"You hardly ever smile, you should smile more" I heard Julian say suddenly after a while. I used my middle fingers and pushed up the sides of my mouth in an exaggerated way – effectively giving him a double bird.

"Well, fine. I was just trying to help." Julian muttered under his breathe, as he tried not to laugh making me roll my eyes.

"Anyway, the lot of us are heading out tonight. You in?" Julian asked as he got up, heading towards to the door after I replied with a curt nod.


Walking down the school hallway, everyone parted for me. I looked straight ahead ignoring the stares. They were scared. All of them. Afraid I would do something to them. And if I got angry, maybe I would.

I glanced around the hallway and my eyes cast on Olivia. She had her head down as she moved swiftly through the crowd, but I could still make out the slight limp. I sighed, proceeding to my English literature class. It was a class I shared with Olivia. When I got there, the class was already partially full which immediately fell into a hush as they watched my every move.

Olivia was sitting at the back, as usual. I pulled out the seat next to her and sat down ignoring the flash of surprise that lit her face. She didn't say anything and just went back to staring at the table. Everyone else in the room, stared on in shock. I sent a glare their way to which they immediately looked away.

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