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Song: Storm

Artist (s): Lifehouse 

Sometime you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory


"I'm hungry" Julian groaned from the couch. It was something he would moan about often.

"Well do something about it" Neel replied not taking his eyes off the TV screen. We all had been sitting around the living room watching 22 Jump Street. Julian glared at Neel before saying something along the lines of 'fine' and got up and ran into the kitchen. A few minutes later Julius left the room and followed Julian to make sure he didn't burn down the kitchen. Around twenty minutes later a smell wafted up my nose. 

Was something burning? I got up ignoring Neels questioning gaze and left for the kitchen.

Julian was talking to Julius about a game he had watched wearing a rather tatty oven glove and since he was looking off to his left, it meant he wasn't watching what he was doing. Julian was holding his right hand, glove and all, in the lit gas ring, and the glove had caught fire. My eyes widened at scene and I opened my mouth to tell him but saw the glove that was on fire didn't make a difference to Julian.

Was I seeing things? 

I doubted myself for a second before realising that the insulation material of the glove was in pretty good condition and the fabric on the outside didn't burn too hot, which is why Julian couldn't feel anything. I watched for a couple more seconds, before speaking up.

"Uh.....Julian?" Julian stared at me lifting his eyebrows, surprised at the fact that I had addressed him.

" Yeah?" I swallowed a laugh and pointed towards the burning glove.

"Uh, your hand's-" Julian looked at me before turning to look a his hand.

"Aaah, shit" Julian flicked his hand in the air effectively making the glove slide off his hand and into the sink. He turned on the tap extinguishing the flame.

"Why the fuck are you screaming?" Neel yelled for the living room his voice getting louder every passing second. 

"Are you planning to set the fire alarms off? Open the damn windows" Neel coughed a little. How the twins couldn't smell the smoke was beyond me. Thinking back at what happened I couldn't help but let out a soft chuckle. Neel looked back at me, his eyes lit in surprise making me blush. He stared at me for a few more seconds before he looked away lowly smiling to himself.

"I'll cook." I offered walking deeper into the kitchen. 

"We'll help. What do you need for us to do?" Neel also offered following me. 

"Are you guys up for fish pie and mashed potatoes?" 

"Sounds perfect, thank you." Julius smiled appreciatively. It felt nice to feel appreciated because it's the most simplest, and yet, it's one of the most up-lifting , incredible thing you can hear. Neel walked over to the radio and turned it on. Storm by lifehouse was playing and it seeped through my nerves relaxing me. 

Neel and I started on the fish pie whereas Julian and Julius made the topping, following my instructions carefully. Through-out the process I had learnt a lot about the twins. They weren't as scary as I once thought they were. They insulted each other quite a lot and would find a lighter meaning in everything. It was nice seeing someone being so care-free. After we had finished we had set up the table and began eating.

"This is amazing!" Julius moaned taking a bite as everyone else hummed in agreement. 

"Thank you" I smiled. I had been doing this more often now. Smiling at the little things. It's because I'm starting to learn that we shouldn't let the world change our smile. The smile on my face doesn't mean that my life is perfect. It means I appreciate what I have and what God has blessed me with. We quickly finished putting all the dishes away. Julian and Julius offered to do the dishes and Neel agreed with them pulling me away before I could say anything.

"I have something for you?" Again? 


"Shhh. Just listen" Neel interrupted me dragging to his room. I had never been in here before. His room was bare apart from a bed and a study desk. The walls were cream coloured while the bed sheets and curtains were grey.  He led me to the bed sitting me down before he began rummaging through his desk. During the time I began looking around his room and a saw conjoined doors leading to a bathroom and closet. 

Neel returned holding a box in his hand that I immediately recognised. I shook my head at him making a move to stand up but he stopped me.

"Olivia, please" He placed the box in my lap.

"I can't, Neel."

"Why not?" I looked at Neel before glancing at the iPhone X in my lap.

"Because if I really wanted a phone I could have bought one. My mother left me some money before she died." I half-lied. My mother did leave me money but it was all taken. I knew Neel saw right through my lie but he didn't say anything. 

"Let me spoil you" Neel held my hand lightly squeezing it.

"Why?" I choked. 

"I want to because God knows you deserve it" 

Did I?

"I don't need your money. Spoil me with your loyalty, I can finance myself" I couldn't finance myself but that didn't mean I would become a free-loader. It was about time I found a job, but I'm afraid my anxiety could take over.

Something familiar lit up in Neels eyes and my heart dropped to my stomach. Pity.

"Don't." I started. Neel opened his mouth to say something but I quickly cut him off.

"I'm not a victim. Not matter what I've been through, I'm still here. I may have been challenged, hurt, betrayed, beaten and discouraged, but nothing has defeated me. I'm still here." By the end my breathe had gotten much heavier. 

"I don't pity you, Olivia. I want to save you"

 "I don't want you to save me. I want you to stand by me as I save myself." Over the past few weeks Neel has shown me nothing but compassion. He's stood by me every step of the way never letting me face anything alone. But it was about time that I did something for myself. It's when you go through the most difficult times in your life chapter of your life that your hero is revealed, and how beautiful it feels when you realise that you have the strength to save yourself.


I just finished watching the Royal Wedding and I couldn't be happier. I truly love and adore Prince Harry and Meghan so much. There were so many moments in the ceremony that made me awe out loud. For example, when Prince Harry lifted Meghan's veil and whispered a hi to her. It was the cutest thing ever. So here is a chapter in celebration of our new Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

This Filler chapter but it was necessary to help grow the relationship between Neel and Olivia. Thank you to yheartsoandalovei for giving me plot ideas. Updates will be slow due to my final exams taking place.




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