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Aurora walked through the dimly lit corridors of Hogwarts

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Aurora walked through the dimly lit corridors of Hogwarts. Her smile non existent as she thought back to Buckbeak who had last his life when the Sun started setting. She hated how easily corrupted the Ministry of Magic was, it just wasn't fair for wizards who had no money.

She reached the Defence Against the Dark Arts classroom and gently opened the door to it, "Lumos," she whispered as she held tightly onto her wand and walked past the desks. She reached the stairs that led to Professor Lupin's office and quietly ran up them. Once she was inside she sighed in content as she placed two chocolate bars on his desk as well as a chocolate frog. She noticed the Marauder's Map lying open on the desk close to where she had placed the chocolates at and internally rolled her eyes at Harry already getting caught with it.

She couldn't help but glance at it and observe the familiar names. It seemed that all of the people in the school were already in their dormitories, a large majority of them already fast asleep as the night approached quickly. But then something caught her eye, she quickly grabbed the map in her hands illuminating it with her wand as her mouth went dry. She couldn't believe what she was seeing. Two names that she never would have thought she would see, especially not in what she believed to be The Shrieking Shack.

She dropped the map back down onto the desk before she sprinted out of the office and back into the dimly lit corridors, "Nox," Aurora whispered and the light from her wand went out as she ran through the halls making sure that no one was walking around, the last thing she needed now was to get caught.

Once Aurora got to the Whomping Willow she let out a grateful sigh, she quickly ran to the base of the tree and pressed the knot that was at the base of it. She remembered Remus telling her stories about how he and his friends had to do that every month whilst they were at the school. Aurora crawled into the opening at the trunk of the tree, dusting off her jacket and jeans when she stood up and glanced around her, She was inside the Whomping Willow. It was strange to say the least, oddly homey and nothing like what she was expecting. The ground had wooden planks on it acting as the floor. She took her wand back out and once again whispered, "Lumos," as a loud bang was hear from further down the hall, so she went on her way.

The walk wasn't long, in about a minute she noticed a large door that looked as if someone had dragged their claws through-which they have- and she neared it. Her wand gripped tightly in her hand as she reached for the door knob, before she could twist it it opened from the other side a short man ran into her knocking her slightly off balance.

She looked down and saw a man that was very short, even shorter than the girl herself, he has thin, colourless hair that was unkept and there was a bald patch right on top. His skin looked grubby and his eyes were watery. Aurora instantly knew who the man was, he was Peter Pettigrew, the man that framed her father. The man that was their friend and betrayed them. He looked up at the girl, his small but pudgy frame shaking, "M-M-miss Black, Miss Black. It's so good to see you," he cried out reaching out with his arms as he tried to touch her.

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