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Sunday.. Im in my room.. Thinking so hard on how to do this stupid project.

How can i fucking make a toy robot to move on its own with only using wires and not batteries?!

"Fucking shit my brain hurts.." I massaged my temple.



"It's Wendy!"

"Come in" She came in "what do you want?"

"Do you know how to do the project?" She asked while scratching her nape

"No.. I don't fucking know.." I laid on my bed

"And that's why i hate Science" She came in my room "Hey let's work together."


After 30 minutes of figuring out on how to fucking do it.

"I give up!!!" She shouted

"It's fucking messed up.." I said while shaking my head "I wonder who knows how to do this shit"

"Lisa.." I look at her

"What?!" She widened her eyes

"I ment! Lisa knows how to do it.." I calmed down "You know i won't fight for her.. I came in way too late.. But like i said.. If you hurt her.. I'm going to take her away from you.." This again seriously..

"Stop saying that over and over again.. Let's just focus on this."

"Why not call Lisa?"

"That actually is a good idea! I'll call her" I grabbed my phone and dialed her number..

"Jennie hey!"

"Heyy Lisa.." I actually don't know how to say it to her

"Why did you call?"

"Oh uhmmm... Can i ask you something??"

"Yeah sure what is it?" I was silence for seconds "Uhh Jen??"

"Oh! Im sorry.." I was about to say when

"Lisa hey its me Wendy! Can you come over to her house? We're stuck on this stupid project and we need your help!"

"Hahahah ok ok.. Jeez Jennie no need to be shy.. I'll come there ok? Love youu! " She ended the call

"Love you too" I mumbled while looking at my phone even though she ended the call already

"Yishh!" She laughed at me. I ignored her and went out of my room "Rude!!!"

I went outside my house.. And waited for her..

"Finally.." I approached her as soon as i saw her

"Hey. Hahaha am i too long?" I scanned her.. She's wearing her pajamas and a round glass "What?" She looked at herself "Come on.. You're also wearing pajamas"

"Yeah no comment heheh let's go Wendy is waiting for you also.." I grabbed her hands and dragged her inside the house to my room.

"Took you long enough! Now help us on this damn project!!" She pulled Lisa on my bed..

"Calm down.. Ok what part you don't understand?" She asked both of us

"All" Me and Wendy said in unsion.

"Ok.. Ah first of all.." She started explaining when my phone vibrated

"Excuse me" I checked the person who texted me and it fucking scared me

Lisa will find out the bet soon and she will come back to me

Holy shit is this Sunmi???

How are you so sure about that??

I have a video of you and your friends talking yesterday..

That person sent me a video.. And i played it.. He/she really has a video of me and my friends talking!

Speechless? You're doom Jennie Kim

Who the fuck are you?

You'll fimd out soon

I shut my phone down and went back to them

"Who was it?" Lisa asked

"My.. Fans heh" She just smiled and started explaining again.

She explained the whole thing but me and Wendy still didn't get it so she helped us.

After that we thanked Lisa then Wendy got out of my room

"How about yours?" I asked

"I've done it already.." My mouth hung open "What?" She asked laughing

"You're smart.." She smiled

"Nooo.. I'm not smart.." I smiled at her. She's soo humble

"And humble as well.. You're so different.. You're different from others.."

"Why are you so sweet?" She asked while pinching my cheeks

"Lisa.. This is a normal couples routine.."

"I know.. I can't see that bad girl the school has known"

"I'm only like this to you and to my Dad.. So you're lucky.." She chuckled

"I guess i am..." Her eye sparkled

I love her.. I really do

"I'm also lucky.." I said to her and smile.. "I really love you.."

"I love you too Jennie" She huuged me tightly

It's soo confirmed that i love this girl infront of me.. No joke i really have fallen for her

Part 31 End

A/N: Doubleee updateee cause i love you guyss

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