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We all went home after that crazy day.. It's just weird.. I can't explain it.

"Jennie?" My Dad called

"Yes Dad?"

"I forgot to tell you, your cousin is staying here.." I stood up from the chair then went to my dad

"She what?"

"She's going to stay here" He repeated

"Why?" I asked

"She transferred into our School.."

"Ahhh.. Ok. When will she come here?"

"Probably in an hour.."

"What? Why did you just tell me this now?" I asked going back to the chair

"My sister just informed me yesterday that your cousin will stay here." I nod

My phone rang


I answered it


"Bijj! Have you heard?! Sunmi is back!" I laughed "what's funny??"

"I already know it"

"How come I didn't know??"

"I don't know.. Why would you ask me?

"It's just weird that she came back after what you did.." I heard her laugh "i mean! Hahaa! Her ex girlfriend's face was hilarious"

Bitch! That girl was Lisa you Big Bear!

I Didn't know why i got angry

"Shit you! That was Lisa for god damn sake!"

"W-wha? The girl we saw crying and running away was Lisa?!"

"Yes it was her"

"What the fuck?? What if.. That unknown number was also Sunmi??"

"That's what i was also thinking"

"What the fuck! This is so messed up!"

"Im also kinda thinking.. How did Lisa not recognize us?.. Or me??"

"Yeah that is weird"

"Well that's also a good thing.. Cause it wont ruin our plan"

"Yeah! Welp! I gotta go! I invited Irene to that thing going on in the park hahahaha!"

"Ok!" Then i ended the call... Then the doorbell rang

"Jennie! That must be Wendy!" My dad shouted

"Ok! Im on it!" I shouted back

I went to the front door to check if it was Wendy... And it was her

"Heyah cousin!!!!" She hugged me

"Woahhh! Too tight!" She let go then smiled widely at me "That's  better hahaha! How are you Wendy?" I asked while helping her with her stuffs

"Im good.. Did uncle told you about me transferring to your School?"

"Yep he did... Hey Dad!! Wendy is here!"

I shouted then saw Dad

"Heyy Wendy.." He hugged her

"Hey Uncle! Im so excited to be studying in your School hahaha!"

"Ohh about that Wendy.. When will you start your classes?" I asked

"Tommorrow" I smiled

"Really?.. Why so early?" She laughed

"Earlier.. The better" She said then laughed afterwards

What a weirdo

We went home then i handed my sister her Chicken and Starbucks

"Here's your chikiiinnn" Im sure i copied her saying chicken

"Thanks! Ahhh! Finally.. Where is Chae?" She asked

"Ahhh she went home already." I said "Heyy eonni.. Can i have some Chicken?" I asked then she gave me one "Oh my wow! Hahaha thanks eonni!"

"Thank you for going with Chae today.." I look at her and she was smiling "I know you hate her but.. You still insisted to company her" I smiled

"Oh! It's nothing.. Forget about why i hate her" I akwardly said and i heard her laugh "Whatt??"

"Give me a hug you little monkey.." She said while laughing and i glared at her.. But i also hugged her "Your the sweetest sister I've ever had.." I burried my head on her shoulders

"I love you eonni.." I said and smile

"I lobe you too Lisa.."

Its good to have an older sibling who can look out you.. And im proud i have her

Part 14 end

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