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Lisa's grandparents were burried 5 days after.. And today is new year!!

Well Lisa.. She's feeling a bit better now.. More better actually..

I asked my Dad if i could stay at Lisa's house for the new year.. Gladly he said yes

Me and Lisa are now currently buying stuff for our exchange gift at the party tonight

"Who did you pick Jen?" She asked

"No telling Lisa it's a secret heheh" She just pouted

Well i picked her.. She doesn't know.. And i don't know who she picked

"It's the rule Lis.."

"Oh hahaha i forgot" She scratched her nape afterwards.. "Then lets go seperate ways?" She asked

"What why??" I furrowed my eyebrows

"To not spoil the gift?" She has a point

"Ok then!"

I went to the left side and she went to the righ.. I wonder what she likes? The game is like this whoever the last two persons are left.. You have to explain why you bought her/him that gift

Aishh.. I came across on some pillow and i saw a big star pillow colored rainbow..

I think i should get this for her.. Afterall she is my brightest star..

I bought the pillow and got it wrapped..

I waited for Lisa when she came back she's holding a small box

I wonder who is that person..

"Hey Jen sorry i made you wait.." She apologized

"No it's ok.. Let's go?" I lend my hand and she held it then we went outside the mall

While walking out the mall i saw Hanbin staring at us weirdly while smirking.. I just shrugged it off

We got home hearing karaoke music and our friends singing

"Hey JenLisa sing with ussss" That was Seulgi and yeah that bitch is a heavy drinker

"Holy shit hahaha she's already drunk" I laughed my ass out along with Sana

"I told you don't let her drink first" Lisa said while walking towards us

"In any party she drinks the most" Sana said

"So when will our game start??" Yujin asked.. Chaeng's younger sister asked

"At 12 midnight." Jisoo said.. I felt weird at 12 midnight and i have no idea..

"Ok then! Lets partyyyy!!!" Alice shouted

This atta be fun!


Im really not that party person type so i just watched and them and laughed..

I took pictures and videos of them drunk hhahhaha

"Guys hey!!! It's almost 12!!! The fireworks is about to start!" I shouted and caught their attention

"Let's go outside!!" Jisoo shouted and we all went outside

"Lets count!!"











"HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!" We all shouted and staryed jumping around and hugging each other

"Happy new year guys!!! Jennie jump!! You need to grow taller to reach Lisa hahahah!" Irened teased and Jennie just glared at her

"Shut up! You need to jump aswell hahaha!"

"Jisoo eonni!! Jump! Hahahah" I teased her but she go with the flow

"I need to grow taller!!! Hahahahaha!!! Hey let's start the game!" We started getting the gift we bought and we all sat in the ground in circle

Ohh i forgot.. I picked Jennie.. I wonder who Jennie picked?

Her gift seems to be big..

"I'll start.." Jisoo said and gave her gift to Yujin "I don't know what you want so i bought you that.." She bought her pajamas..

"Waah!!! Thank you eonni!" She hugged Jisoo "Ok my turn.. Here you go Alice" She bought her sister a.. Face mask?

"Wow! Hhahaha thats why i love you!"

And the game continues so on

Me and Jennie are left..

So that means

"You guys picked each other yieee!!" They teased and i was red

"Who goes first?" Jisoo asked

I stood up and gave Jennie my gift

When she opened it.. Her mouth hung open in shock


"That's hella expensive.."


Jennie looked at me and i stared at her with a smile

"This.. How.. Lisa it's really expensive you didn't ha-" I cutted her words

"I bought you this cause i want us to match.." I showed her the necklace i was wearing.. It has letters JL

"Yieeeeee sweeetttt" They all said again.. Jennie hugged me tightly

"KISS KISS KISS KISS KISS!!!" My friends chanted..

Jennie agreed though cause she kissed me hahaha!

"Your turn to give me my gift" I whispered she gave me the big stuff i ripped it apart and it was a big rainbow star!

"Wow!! I love this!" I shouted while hugging it

"I gave you that cause you're my brigthest star.." She said then kissed my cheeks

"Yieee im jealous" Wendy said and we all started laughing.

Best New year ever! (A: May pasabog ako next chapter😂 *evil grin*)

Part 43 End

A/n: Happy new year guys!!!!

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