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Well.. The bell rang and Jennie isn't here yet.. So i decided to leave the cafeteria.. And go back to my classroom

"Hey i heard Hanbin is back." A girl said

"Habin who?" The other girl asked

"Duh? Jennie's ex.. Or first love.. I bet Jennie will break up with Lisa and go back to Hanbin.." The girl said while smirking.. This asshole..

"Stop thinking bullshits.. Jennie loves Lisa.. And i doubt she wont leave her.." I smirked when i heard her friend defended me

There are still good in this world

The girl who defended me spotted me and i smiled at her with a thumbs up and i mumbled 'Thank you'

She replied back with a smile and mouthing 'You're welcome'

After all that i went directly to the classroom and my classmates are in chaos..

"Ok what the heck is happening?" I asked then Momo came to me.

"Lol we're having a food fight.."

"Why are you-" My words were cutted when someone put a whole spaghetti at my face..

"Lisa!!! Join us!!"

"Come on smack his face hahaha!"

"Lisa hurry im getting im-" I threw him the spaghetti he threw me.

"OooOooOooOoHhHhHh" My classmate shouted and i laughed

"Yahh stop it already guys.. The principal might caught us" Irene worriedly said.

"What is happening in here?!" uh oh...

"Mr. Kim!!" They all shouted in shock.. I saw Mr. Kim standing in the door with Jennie beside him

"Lisa! What the fuck happened to you?!" Jennie went beside me and looked at my face "Yah! Who did this to her?!" Everybody pointed at the guy who threw me his spaghetti.. "You!" I stopped Jennie from going to him.

"Don't.. It's ok im fine" I said and smiled

"Oh my god! Jennie clean Lisa's face.. And all of you! Clean your room!" Mr. Kim shouted.

Jennie pulled me outside of our classroom

"Lisa are you ok? Your classmates are weird." Mr. Kim said while approaching me.

"Im ok Mr. Kim" I said and bowed "sorry for my classmates.. They're really like that."

"Aigoo.. Don't call me Mr. Just me call me Dad.." Then he smiled "you're dating my daughter right?"

"Uh Dad how did you know?" Jennie asked

"Wendy.. She told me.."

"Ohh. Of course."

"By the way Lisa.. You don't belong to that section.. Want me to change your section? I'll bring you to a higher section.."

"Uh no Mr-.." He look at me "Dad.."

"Much better."

"Its ok.. Im used to them.."

"Yeah she's right.. Dad! Don't take me away from my girlfriend!" Jennie whined

"Hahahha ok ok.. Clean her face I'll go back to my office." After Mr- Errr Dad left.. Jennie pulled me inside the bathroom to clean my face

"That bastard.. Seriously.. I will smack his face later." She mumbled while cleaning the spaghetti out of my face

"You don't have to do that.. Im fine.. Mentally and physically." She glared at me

"So you're totally ok with that?" She asked

"Yep.. Infact it's fun.." We laughed then someone opened the door.


Ohhhhkkkk... Lisa's sister is here..

"Lisa? Jennie? Guys! What are you doing here?.. In the bathroom?" She went closer to us

"Some bastard threw a spaghetti at Lisa's face." I said while still wiping Lisa's face

"What why?"

"They were having a food fight when i walked in.. Ahh what are you doing here by the way?" Lisa asked

"Jennie's Dad called me.. He liked to talk to me." She said while going to the sink then washed her hands

"Why?" I asked

"Uhmm i dunno.. That's what your Dad said.."

"Where's Chaeng eonni?" Lisa asked

"At the airport.. She's going to get her younger and older sister." She said while smiling. "Your buddies."

"Jinja?! Alice eonni and Yujin?!" (let's pretend chaeyoung has a younger sister) Lisa shouted

"Oww my ear." I covered my ears

"Oh sorry.." She kissed my ears.. Oooh my heart..

"I'll leave you guys.. I need to go to Mr. Kim's office." She said while walking out of the bathroom.

"Ahmm your face is clean." She looked at the mirror to check.

"Wow.. Thanks! Damnnn i look good." She said while laughing and she looked at me


"I'm pretty right?" She asked while smiling and i laughed

This girl.. Hahaha seriously..

"No." She pouted when i said that

"Ok fine.. Yes you are pretty.." She smiled

You're the prettiest girl I've met in this planet. You're everything.. Which means you're perfect.. So damn perfect.

You've got the brains the beauty and the attitude.. Damn perfect! I'm really lucky to have you..

"Yah!" I got back to reality when she shouted


"What were you thinking?"

"Nothing. Let's go back." She went out first and I'm beside her.

I actually got the chance to stare at her.. She's really pretty, beautiful, cute, sexy or whatever you call it.

And im so stupid that i chose to hurt her before with the bet..

I need to tell her about the bet sooner or later

Cause i don't want to loose her

Part 36 End

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