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It's been 2 weeks since that accident.. And she's not awake yet.. On January 2 we had a fieldtrip..

It wasn't that fun because i was worrying about Lisa..

And today.. Is my birthday.. Yet she's still not waking up..

Class is over by the way

"How is Lisa?" Someone asked.. I didn't answer her "Ok.." Then that person left

"Jennie happy birthday mah prend!" -Jeongyeon

"Thanks. Even though it's not happy.." I mumbled then i sighed

"Jennie.. Lisa wants you to be happy for your birthday.. Come on smile.." Sana said while playing with my mouth..

"You know what will make me happy?" I asked

"What?" The three of them said in unsion..

"I want Lisa back to normal.. I want to see her awake and talking.. That will make my birthday happy.." A single tear dropped from my right eye.

"Why dont we visit her?" Seulgi asked

After the Doctor said she was in a coma.. I didn't visit her after.. I can't stand seeing her like that..

I know it was my fault.. Her family must hate me now for what i did..

I sighed..

"I don't know... What if they hate me now for what happened to Lisa?"

"Pabo.. Lisa is in a hospital fighting for her life.. Do you think she can do it without you? She's waiting for you Jennie.. She needs you right now.." I heard a guy talked at my back..

I turned around and saw Lisa's cousin.. Jungkook..

"Look i'm sorry if i got angry.. But that doesn't mean you don't have the rights to see Lisa.. I mean you guys are still together...." I can't believe this.. "Come on Jennie.. What if someday she wakes up without you by her side? She really needs you so come with me we're going to the hospital.."

He was right.. What was i thinking.. Lisa needed me but i wasn't there..

"Let's go.."


She's a fast walker.. One minute she's beside me the second she's at the outside of the School..

I talked some sense to Jennie because she's being dumb..

I mean.. Lisa needs her especially right now.. Like what if she wakes up and she doesn't see Jennie beside her.

We went on seperate cars.. She used her car and i used mine.

Once we got to the hospital she hurriedly walked to Lisa's room..

Once i got there i saw Jennie standing outside the door holding the door knob..

"Open it.." I said to her.. She slowly opened the door then we saw Uncle..

"Jennie.." He said.. "You're here.."

"ImsorryAminotallowedtoseeher?Ijustwanttoseehernowonlynowpromisei'llmakeitquick.." She also is a fast talker..

"No you can stay here.. Why did you come just now? She needed you Jennie.." Aunty said..

"I'm sorry.."

"It's ok.. Go inside... We'll give you privacy.."

We went inside and i saw her again.. Alot of tubes are connected to her.. She's sleeping but i know she's having a hard time..

And we can clearly see that she is fighting for her life...

Jennie went beside Lisa and Held her face..

"I'm sorry.. I'm sorry baby.. Please forgive me.. For all the things i've done.. Sorry if i only visited you today.." I didn't bother to talk.. Instead i sat down on the chair and listened to her "I just can't stand it seeing you like this.. And i know it's my fault.. Wake up please.. Lisa please.. It's my birthday today.. And my only wish for today is for you to wake up.. That's all... Please wake up.."

Jennie kissed Lisa's forehead.. To her nose and her lips..

"Happy birthday to me, Lalisa.. Wake up baby i need you.." She mumbled...

"Happy birthday baby"

Part 47 End

A/n: A short chapter for our lil dumpling UWUUU HAPPIEST BIRTHDAY JENNIE 🎂🎉🍻

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