5( Chapter for Seulrene):Was it love at first sight?

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We are currently eating lunch right now and i feel an urge to use the bathroom

"Guys i'll just go to the restroom" I said and went to the restroom.

After i did my business... I went out and washed my hands.. After second a girl went in...She looks familiar

Ohhh Irene!

I watched her.. She tied her hair.. And this is the funny part. She was about to wash her hand when there was no water coming out

"Darn it!" She exclaimed.. She tried the others but it wouldn't work "someone should fix this" She said to herself.. She tried all but it didn't work.

I tried to hide my laugh because it's so hilarious

Cute.. I thought. But snapped out from what i was thinking

Kang Seulgi.. Don't you dare fall for her..

"Here use mine" I blurted out. She was startled and widened her eyes when she realized it was The Kang Seulgi

"U-uhh yo-you sure?" She asked stuttering.. I tried to be calm cause I can't handle her cuteness

"Yeah sure.. Im done anyways.." I step backward so she can use it.. After she used it she faced me

"Thank you.. Seulgi eonni" She bowed

"Don't be polite girl.. Im fine with Seulgi" I smiled at her and she blushed "What's your name?" I asked

"Irene.." She answered.. Smiling

"Nice to meet you Irene" I held my hand out and she accepted it.. We shake hands "So! Want to be my date for the upcoming party?" She was shocked


"I said.. Do you want to be my date for the upcoming party?" I asked again

"Uuhh y-yeah! Yeah sure... Uhh bye!" She ran out of the restroom i laughed.

I went back to the table

"What happened why are you smiling like a creep?" -Jennie

"Ohh i just got Irene to be my date hehe!"

"That fast?!" Jeongyeon shouted with wide eye


"Nice!" The three of them said

"Come on we don't wanna be late.." Sana said and we all went to our next subject


"Yah! You ok? Your so red.." -Lisa

"Are you sick?" -Tzuyu

"No im fine.. It's just... WAHHH!" I shouted and hid my head on my bag

"I think she's on her period" Nayeon said and laughed "hahahhaa!"

"No im not!... It's Seulgi.. She-"

"She asked you to be her date?" Lisa and Nayeon both said

"YEPP!!! How did you know?"

"Jeongyeon asked me"

"And Jennie asked me" I look at Tzuyu

"How about you?" She shook her head

"She doesn't even known i exist"

"She'll ask you for sure!" Nayeon said comforting Tzuyu

"YAHH! Im happy!!" I shouted

"What if there just playing with us?" Lisa suddenly asked "you know them right.. There the playgirls in this campus" We all looked at her

"Just don't think about that Lis.. What if they have changed for good?" -Nayeon

"I hope so.."

We hope so to Lisa

Part 5 End

(A/N: I'll be making all special chapter for every ships😊)

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