32 (⚠.. A Bit Rated M)

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"I really love you.. " She sincerely said..  I smiled

"I love you too Jennie.. " I hugged her tightly..  Then my phone vibrated..  "Wait my sister is calling"

"Go on.. " I answered the call


"Lisaaaaa i have some good newwssss"

"What good news??" I asked while furrowing my eyebrows

"Your collaboration with Kiel became popular!!!" She shouted so loud

"Ahhh jinja?!" I shouted back

"Yeah! Go check it out! Byee" She then ended the call



"My collab with Kiel became popular.. Let's check it" I opened the youtube app and watched it

"Oh my.. 3.5 million views???" I look at Jennie and she's showing me a gummy smile "Pfftt.. Kiel is famous ofcourse it'd go trending.." I mumbled but when i look through the comments i was the topic

"Lisa.. It's you who made the video go trending.." Jennie said

"But why me??" She stared intently at me

"You're a damn sexy goddess Lis" I blushed at her compliment

"Na-uhh you know what's sexy? You being jealous" I smirked when she bit her lip.

"Ahh really? You think it's sexy? Wait till you see something more sexy" She stared at me seductively and i gulp as a response.

She grabbed my phone and threw it somewhere in her room. Then she quickly pinned me on the wall beside her bed

"W-what-" My words were cut off when she kissed me hungrily yet gentle. After some seconds she broke the kiss and stared at me. (Jennie tops sa ngayun yieee hahaha😂)

"What-" She cutted my words again

"Be quiet.." She removed my glasses then she threw it somewhere again.. She attacked my lips.. I groaned when she bit my lower lip. I parted my mouth then she entered her tongue and explored my mouth.

Holy shit~

She pulled away from the kiss panting and so was i. She grabbed my colar and pinned me down on her bed staring at me seductively..

She started unbuttoning her blouse not taking her eyes off me.. And when it was completely gone..

Jesus christ she's so sexy..

"Sit.." She commands and i obeyed "Take off your blouse  woman" She said while smirking.

Seriously. Hahaha

I started unbuttoning my blouse and copied what she did.. Staring at her seductively..

But she wasn't staring at my face.. She was staring at my body..

"Like what you see?" She went closer to me and sat on my lap

"Didn't know you were this sexy.. And that abs of yours.." She kissed me again while feeling my abs and traveling her others arm around my body.

"Shit.. Jennie~" I moaned when she started kissing my breast..

"That's right baby.. Moan my name" She whispered to my ears.

Then suddenly...

"Jennie what are the-- Holy fucking shit!" Wendy barge in.

"Wendy what the fuck?!" Jennie covered me with blanket then she grabbed her blouse and covered herself

"Jeez.. If you're going to do that again here.. Lock the door.. Oh my ghadd my eyess" Wendy then walked away.. Jennie grabbed my blouse,phone and my glasses then gave it back to me

"Sorry about that.. I'm way too fast.." I started putting my blouse on..

"Ahhh.. It's ok.."

Awkward silence..

"I think.. I should go.." I said awkwardly

"Yeah sure.. Ahh thanks for helping us.. See you tomorrow"

"Yeah bye!" I was about to go out of her room when

"Hold up! Your phone!" She ran towards me and gave me my phone

"Thanks! " That's when i got out of her room


"Hmm Wendy?" She went closer to me.

"You guys are nasty hahaha!" I blushed hard and smacked her head "Oww!"

"You could've thanked me for helping you with that project" I said while glaring at her

"Well.. Thank you then.." I smiled

"That's more like it.. Bye byeee"

As soon as i got out from Jennie's house.. I awkwardly laugh

"What the heck happened?" I asked myself while scratching my nape..

I was walking down the streets when i saw a weird guy looking at me then looking at Jennie's house.



I ran towards our house.. A party welcomed me

"CONGRATULATIONS LISAAA!!!"  Jisoo,Chaeyoung, Tzuyu,Irene,Momo,Nayeon and aslo my cousin Jungkook and his boyfriend Taehyung are here..

"Ok what is this?" I asked confusingly

"A celebration for the collab with Kiel Tutin.." Tzuyu said while coming close with a cup on her hand

"What??? Nooooo... No need to do that.. And im still wearing my pajamas.."

"No care!!!" They all shouted

"Aishh fine!"

"Let's get this party started!" Taehyung shouted

After 30 minutes of partying

"Ok that's it.. I need to rest.. Yah! All of you take a rest we have classes tomorrow!" I shouted at my friend and they all groaned while leaving

"It's only afternoon.." Tzuyu mumbled

"Rest" I said while glaring

"Ok fineee"

"Have you done the project?"

"Yeah I'll do it later" Then they all left

"Party pooper.." Jisoo whispered

"Shut uppp.. I'm going to rest" I said while going to bed.. I will read a book to keep my mind relaxed

Part 32 End

A/n: What have i done up there??! 😂😂

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