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The fuck?! Her ex is Sunmi! The girl i went crazy for! So.. Lisa was the girl running away and crying when i kissed Sunmi that day..

Oh my god! What if she was also the unknown number?!

Shit! Jennie calm down and focus on driving!

As soon as i got home i was shocked to see my Dad at home

"Dad.." I said and he looked at me with a smile

"Hey princess! How are you i miss you" He hugged me real tight

"Im fine Dad.. You? How are you?" I asked sitting down on the chair

"Im a little bit tired but im ok"

"Aish. Dad you need to rest seriously.. Last time i went home and I didn't saw you.." He just smiled at me

"Don't worry im having enough rest.." I smiled at him "so do you have a date for the party?" He suddenly asked

"Ofcourse.. You know me dad.." I said and he laughed

"So let me guess... He/she's one of your toy right?" He asked and I slightly nod "when will you changed Jennie Kim?" I smirked

"Dad im never going to change.." He went closer to me

"You know... I see myself in you when i was your age.." He started

"What do you mean?" I asked

"I was a player before back in highschool" He stood up and went to get something. He came back with a picture on his hand he showed it to me "That guy was me.. The others were my friend.. This girl is your mom and.." He paused "that girl beside me.. Was the first girl i loved" He stated

I went quite I motioned him to continue the story

"Her name is Alice she was the biggest nerd in the School.. So my friends gave me a dare to date her.. At first I didn't agree cause i said.. Why would you want to date a nerd? But i did anyways"

It reminded me the dare me and my friends made

"Days.. Weeks.. Has passed.. I was starting to have feelings for her.. I didn't actually thought that i would fall for her but eventually i did.. I wanted to tell her the dare we made that day but...She followed me and heard the talk i had with my friends and that includes the dare" He stopped

"What did you do then?" I asked trying not to sound worried

"I tried everything.. I tried explaining to her but she didn't listen.. She just ran off that day.. Ofcourse i followed her but i was to late.."

"What do you mean Dad?"

"She got hit by a car.. We immediately brought her to the hospital but she.. Died.. It was literally the stupidest thing I've ever done to my life.. When you got the chance to know what love really is and that's when fate will start playing with you.." He said seriously

"So.. That's how you and mom end up together?" I asked again and he nod

"Yeah.. But unfortunately she left me aswell.. And i said to myself i will never love again.." He jokingly said and laughed "well.. I might take a quick nap!" He walked to his room

What if i fall for Lisa? I thought then i quickly cringed at the thought of me falling for her

Nah! I fucking wont fall for her..

After Jennie dropped me home.. I went inside our house and saw Chaesoo! Cuddling again

"Guys.." They both look at me with a smile on their face

"Hey Lisa!" My sister shouted

They went back to cuddling while laughing and kissing eachother's cheek

It made me cringe at the sight

"Just get married already!" I shouted both of them blushed "Ayieeeeee!" I shouted my sister went to me and started hitting me "ow! Ow! It hurts" She then stopped hitting me

"How's the practice?" Chaeyoung asked

"Tiring..." I flopped myself in one of the chair cause my sister and her girlfriend took the whole couch

"How was the 'talk?'" Jisoo asked

"What talk?" I asked like I didn't knew

"The talk with Jennie.."

"Ahhh... It went well.. I got to know her! She isn't the cold bitch everyone knew. She also has a soft side which is cute! And also she loves unicorn.. God that's so cute!.. Who wouldn't fall for her.. I mean she's a player but she-" I stopped talking when i saw both of them staring at me in awe "What?"

"Lisa! Your inlove oh my god!" Jisoo shouted and started jumping


"The way you described Jennie?! Oh my god! Finally! Your inlove again! Yieeee!" I blushed

"Im.. Still not sure.." I lower my head to hide my blushing face. But Jisoo held my chin that cause me to face her

"Your blushing... Hehehhehe!" She hugged me. It reminded me something..

She also got the same reaction when i told her about Sunmi..

That means...

Yes.. Im inlove again

Part 8 End

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