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A week has passed and i was discharged.. I didn't go to School that week because my Doctor wants me to rest first.

Another week has passed and I'm back at School..

A lot of people i know and some students greeted me back and thanked God i was fine.

"Are you ok?"

"Do you need anything?"

"Shall i help you?"

"Can you walk properly?"

"Are you sure you're ok?"

"Tell me if you feel anything"

"Why do you look stress?"

"We don't need to take you the hospital right?"

"The clinic is just there is you feel anything"

"WAIT!" I shouted at Jennie. Ever since i got out of that hospital and started doing all the School has been doing lately.

She's been acting like this.. Any second she will as me if I'm ok or not.. Then she'll ask why do i look stress because the truth.. I'm so stressed of all her questions.

She looked so frightened right now because i shouted at her

"I'm sorry.. Ahh Jennie.. I'm fine ok? Don't worry." I assured her that I'm fine

"Are you sure?" Here she goes again

"Yes. I'm a Manoban.. And a manoban is a fighter!" I said proudly that caused her to laugh

"Hahaha! Kyeopta.. You're such a cute baby" She then pinched my cheeks

"Yeah cause I'm your baby." I grinned widely when i saw her blushing face

It's really rare to see a blushing Jennie

"S-shut up do your work." She said still blushing.

I continued doing my work when..

"Jennie and Lisa are still together?" Them again..

"Lisa is so dumb.."

"Jennie is dumber she hurted Lisa."

"They're both dumb"


I looked at the two of them like nothing.. While Jennie is completely glaring at them.

"Jennie.." I called her she looked at me.. She's still piss i can feel it "don't mind them.."

"What?! But they're definitely talking shits about you.. About us!" She shouted while me? Shockeed

"What's with your face?" She asked

"You're literally scaring me" She calmed down after

"I'm sorry.." She apologized

"You're still a badgirl huh?"

"Should i change?" She suddenly asked

"No, no need to change.. Stay what you are.. Because i fell inlove with that badside of yours."

She blushed again HaHaHa!


Here she goes again making my heart go wild.


I've never been crazy inlove with someone.. She's the first i swear.

The first girl who can make my heart go crazy by just saying sweet stuffs or while looking at me sweetly.

And now I'm staring at her while she's doing something..

I thought.. What if i didn't agreed to that bet? I wouldn't have met Lisa.. I wouldn't have noticed her..

But if i did.. I would probably still toy her..

But i didn't expect that i would fall for her.. I fell head over heels for her

"Look i know I'm pretty but please stop staring at me like that i might melt" She look at me while pouting.

I just want to kiss her right now

"Then melt." I grinned when she blushed "you're so cute you know that?" I asked and she blushed harder her mouth was hung open hahahah Cute. "Oi close your mouth hahaha! Do your work." She immediately realized that her mouth was open so she closed it and started doing her work again

"Aiiish seriously you two are flirting in our classroom?"

"None of your business Wendy.." She rolled her eyes.

We've made up after Lisa woke up yeahh we're all ok now.

I hope so..

"Wendy dragg her away she's distracting me." She teased with a smirk

"On it manoban.. Let's go Kim."

"Oi! No! I'll stay here... Lisa what the heck?!" She laughed at me.

"I'm just kidding hahaha stay here after 5 minutes our Teacher will come."

"Oh yeah i forgot..."

I want to skip this next subject.. Aishh i hate math.. I hate em all..

"Can i skip?" I asked


"Skip class?" Lisa immediately glared at me "i mean.. Sana, Jeongyeon and Seulgi is no where to be found.. They skip class aswell can i join them?" I asked while pouting but she's still glaring at me

"No." She coldly said


"No. Stay here.. Skipping class is bad.." She scolded.. Gashh she's cute while scolding me.. It makes me want to do bad things

"Ok fine.. Just for you I'm staying." I sat down and waited for our teacher

"Good girl.." She whispered and i smiled..

"She's still a badgirl though." Wendy whispered but i heard her that biiitchh..

Our teacher came and started discussing.. Help meeee I'm boooreeed

I deserve an reward from Lisa..

Part 49 End

A/n: Dami ko ng iniisip dumagdag pa problema ko aiishhh buhay parang life

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