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"Happy birthday baby"..

I widened my eyes when i saw her lips moving and i heard her talking..

I looked at Jungkook with a shocked faced and he went towards me.

"Kook call the Doctor, Lisa talked.." I said and he went outside "Lisa? Lisa can you hear me?" Her eyes were slowly opening..

And i saw her Barbie doll like eyes.. Her eyes starts to wonder in the room.


"Lisa honey?!"

Her parents came in running along with the Doctor and others..

And the Doctor.. What the fuck?! I met him before..

What was his name? Oh Kai!

I stepped aside so the Doctor or Kai can see what happened

"What happened?" The Dr. Kai

"She talked.. And her eyes are open" I answered..

"Hey if you can see and hear me follow the flashlight.." He started to move the flashlight in many directions and Lisa was following it.

I sighed in relief.. Thank god she's ok..

Mom.. Lisa's mother started talking to the Dr. Kai and i went outside.. I sat on the chair near Lisa's room..

Thank you lord for granting my wish

My tears falled unexpectedly..

"Jennie?" I looked at the person who called me..

Urgh! Out of all the person why Dr. Kai?

"Lisa is looking for you.." He said sincerely.. I quickly stood up

"Thank you." I bowed then went in

I saw Nayeon sitting on the other side of Lisa's bed

"She's looking for you.." Jisoo said while tapping my shoulder.

Nayeon saw me coming so she gave me privacy.. I went to the other side of Lisa's bed and kneeled down to reach her level.

She slowly looked at me and i held her face

She smiled at me weakly.. Then she lifted her arms.. I don't know what she's doing..

"Hug me.." She said weakly and i immediately hugged her.

I cried when she tighten the hug

"I'm sorry.. I-im so sorry.. Lisa i love you.. I'm sorry" I begged a thousand times.. And i won't stop until she forgives me

"I know.. Jen i know you're sorry... I believe you.. I'm sorry too" She started crying aswell.

But hers was louder

I broke the hug and wiped her tears

"No Lisa, don't say sorry.. It's not your fault." She kept on crying "hey shhh.. I'll cry again if you won't stop crying."

She was trying to sat up so i accompanied her..

I adjusted the head board so she can rest her back.

She hugged me again after.


My body is aching bad.. I have a bandaged in my head.. And scars on my face..

My left arm is broken.. Owww

But hugging Jennie can heal everything..

Some of you may hate me because i forgave her.. Come on people, she deserve a second chance right?

I noticed everyone left the room

I broke the hug and pouted while looking at her

"Why? Does something hurt?" I shook my head

"Everyone is gone.." I said.. Jennie scanned the room to see if i was joking "it's ok at least they gave us privacy."

She smiled while nodding my head

"Hows everybody? Satzu? Seulren? And 2yeon?"

"Well.. Jeongyeon and Nayeon almost broke up.. But they didn't, they're still not in good terms though. Then Sana and Tzuyu.. Tzuyu is mad at Sana. The Irene and Seulgi they're also not in good terms.." She explained.

"Oh jeez.. So it's like my fault?" I asked

"No! no no no what the hell? It's not your fault.. It's mine.." I laughed "why are you laughing?"

"It's Sana's fault.." She widened her eyes "just kidding hehehe."

Minutes of silence


"I became ugly.." I said while pouting

"What? Why are you saying that?" Jennie asked and i pointed at the scars on my face.. "They are hella big.."

She held my face and stared at me

"Lisa.. No matter how big those scars are.. You're still beautiful in my eyes.. You know Bruno Mars song? You're beautiful just the way you are."

My cheeks turned bright red and my heart was beating loudly

She kissed my forehead to my nose.. Then a passionate kiss to my lips

I love this girl infront of me..

Part 48 End

A/n: Sorry pala sa last chap kahapon😅

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