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Dancing here.. Dancing there.. Dancing everywhere! Im tired!

"Ok! Take a break!" Ms. Joy said and all of us sat on the chair's

"Ughh! My feet hurts!" Momo said while massaging her foot

"Same!" -Me "well the party is after tomorrow so.." I shrugged

"Do you have a date Lis?" Nancy asked

"Yup.. It's Jennie Kim.." I said and she said 'woah' "How about you?" She shook her head


"Aww! Atleast your dancing hahaha!" Nayeon teased

"How about you Momo?"

"Yep.. Im taking Dahyun.." She proudly said

"How about you Yeonwoo??"


"Who?" All of us asked in unsion. She smirked

"It's a secret! Heheh you'll know later i promise.." She took a quick glance on Nancy

I think i already know what she means

"I already know Dabin!" She look at me

"Who?" I look at Nancy and raised my eyebrows with a smile.. "Oh.. Yeah"

Knew it!

"What who was it?" Tzuyu asked

"Secret hehehe" Me and Yeonwoo

"So you guys understand each other by staring for too long? Wahh! Amazing!" Momo said while clapping and I can't stop laughing.

Then suddenly my cousin went to me

"Lis here!" He threw me a paper bag

"What is this?"

"Burger!" He shouted.

I happily ate it and he sat beside me

"I have something to tell you Lisa.. And you won't like it.."

"Ok what is it?"

"Your Ex... She's back"

I choked on my food

"What?!" I got some people's attention "sorry... How did you know?"

"Someone saw her near here.." I spaced out

"Seriously?... Aish.. She's going to ruin my life again.."

"That won't happen.. Im not letting her.." I smiled at him

"Thanks bro" I tappedhis shoulders "now go back! Thanks for the burger!"

I can't believe it.. She's back.. Ahhhh!!! She's back! Im still not over her though..

"Lisa! Who's back?" Nayeon asked. Oh yeah they were eves dropping

"My ex.." I said not looking at them and they gasped

"YOU MEAN YOUR EX? YOUR EX? S-" I cut her words. Momo's word

"Don't you dare say her name.." I said my eyes shaking


"It's ok... I just don't want to hear her name.."

"Uhh so yeah.. Im out of place cause I don't know what happened.. And i dont know that you had an Ex!" Tzuyu shouted and i covered her mouth

"Don't be to loud.. I'll tell you.."

"Alright! Break time is over!" Ms. Joy yelled

"Later i'll tell you.." I said and we went to the center

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