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Hmmm i guess Lisa knows how to dance very well. Ms. Joy said that she was the main dancer so she put her in the center doing the dance break

She's also funny.. I didn't.. Well we didn't expect that she will yell 'Dance Troupe' it made everyone laugh including us

The girls took a break because it's the boys turn

"Wow.. Tzuyu and Lisa dance good" -Sana

"I know right?" I said and smirked "i got a good one"

"I heard she can also rap and sing while dancing" My eyes widened on what Jeongyeon said

"Really?.. That's pure talent over there"

"It's almost over and I haven't found a girl yet!" Seulgi said in frustration

"You'll find one.." Sana tapped her shoulders and Seulgi pouted

They started practicing again until it was over and everyone stood up to go home

"What a way to spend the day! Hahaha!" -Seulgi

"Guys catch you up tomorrow.. Im gonna get Lisa to be my date on the Acquaintance Party" I said and they all thumbs up

As i was walking looking for her i finally found her walking with Tzuyu.

How am i going to approach her? I mean it would be weird if i just went there and ask her to be my date right?

I thought of a plan.. I ran as fast as i can and bumped into her she fell down. And i smirked


"Im sorry.. Let me help you up" She look at me and widened her eyes.. She still didn't accept my hand "Uhh your going to take it or not?" She quickly held my hand and stood up

Damn her hands are so soft

"Thank you" She smiled

After that we talk and i gave her a paper that im asking her to be my date on the Acquaintance Party.

When i got home.. I sigh

I saw no one again.. Except the maids. My dad is at work again..

I can't get that word out of my head.. Jeez Lisa focus your sister is staring at you

"Are you really my sister?" -Jisoo

"Huh? Ofcourse i am" She laughed

"Really? Cause if your my sister.. She would be talkative" She kept laughing

"Ohh hahah i was thinking of something" She stop laughing

"What is it?... Lisa you know if you have a problem you can tell me" I just smiled sweetly at her

"No it's not a problem.. You know my crush right?" She nodded

"Yeah that playgirl on your campus" She rolled her eyes playfully and i laughed "What about her?" I gave her the paper Jennie gave me

"She gave me that" I pointed at the paper.

She opened it and started reading it.. I saw how her eyes widened and after seconds she smiled..

What the hell?

"Why are you smiling?" I asked her

"You got yourself a date for the Acquaintance" She kept on smiling

"Ahh you aren't mad?" She put her hands on my shoulder

"No.. Look i know she's a playgirl but.. What if you guys started dating after the party and then Jennie would change?" -Jisoo

"What?! Eonni you know i can't change her" She laughed and removed her hand

"I know you can.. Your one of a kind that no one can let you go.. But if she hurts you.. Im gonna fucking kill that asshole" Her face became serious

"Awww! Your the best... By the way.. Where's your girlfriend?" I asked

"I dunno.. Work maybe"

"Lq?" I asked and she nodded "Good thing im single! Hahaha" She smack my head "owww"

"Yeah your single but not for long hehehe" She laughed creepily and then stood up and started walking away

She's such a creep

Part 3 End

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