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After that ending pose... Me and the others laughed of what me and Kook did

"You guys are really such a tease!" -Hobi

"They really like to tease Liskook shippers!" -Yeonwoo

"Aishh! Hahaha! I know! Nice one there Kook!" Me and Kook high fived

"Lis! Let's go to our table already! I bet they're waiting for us!" Tzuyu said approaching me

"Ok ok! Guys! See you later!"

While me and Tzuyu walked towards the table we saw Jeongyeon, Nayeon, Seulgi, Irene, Sana and Jennie clapping and cheering.

Jennie was a bit shocked..

"Nice work! High fives!" Jeongyeon gave me and Tzuyu a high fived

"You dance nice Tzuyu" Sana compliments and i saw Tzuyu getting red

"Thank you.."

"Is there food?! Im hungry!" I said "ohh nevermind here's the server..." I said and get the food on that guys hand

I sat down beside Jennie ofcourse.. I look at her

Wow she's pretty in a simple black dress


"Ohh.. Hey Lisa. You.. Dance great.." She said shyly

The great Jennie Kim is shy?

"Thank you... You look beautiful in that dress." I smiled at her.. She smiled back and went a little red

"Oh my! Did i just a see a baddass girl blush?! Hahahah!" Jeongyeon teasingly said while pushing Jennie

"Shut up Ostrich!"

You know why i was shock? Like what the fuck man! Lisa looks like an oppa on what she's wearing

JENNIEYou know why i was shock? Like what the fuck man! Lisa looks like an oppa on what she's wearing

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(Pretend that the light stick isn't there and lisa is sitting in a chair)

I feel like im the one she asked to be her date!... Now i get it why Jeongyeon asked me why am i wearing a dress.

And i blushed at her compliments..

How the fuck did she do that?!

"Woah wait.. I never noticed what you were wearing Lisa!" Nayeon shouted

"Dance trouped costume" Tzuyu answered

"Yeah.. I like the style and at the same time I don't.." -Lisa

"What why?" Seulgi asked

"Because it's so fucking hot!.. Like what the hell? Im wearing a sweater.."

She removed her cap and tied her hair then she wore the cap again

"Do you have to perform again before this party ends?" I asked

"Nope.." Lisa and Tzuyu answered

"Jennie! What are you thinking?! Hahaha ofcourse that three performances is enough!" I glared at Sana

"Im just curious!"

Few students went to our place

"Omg! The populars are in one table!" The other girl said "Lisa! Tzuyu! You guys dance good!"

"Ohh.. Thank you guys!" Lisa said and smiled

"Yeah thanks!" And Tzuyu

"Enjoy the rest of the night guys!" The two girls waved goodbye and went to the dance area

"I want to dance! Nayeon come on!" Jeongyeon dragged Nayeon to the dance floor.

"That little shit is excited hahaha!" -Seulgi

"Jennie do you want to dance?" Lisa asked

"No im waiting for something.." She pouted

"Ok im gonna dance!" Lisa said and ran to the Dance floor

"Why do they like dancing?!" I asked

"Maybe because she's a dancer?" -Sana

"I know that Sana.."

"Yeah she is a dancer but.." Tzuyu started "she can't dance the slow dance.." She said trying hard not to laugh

"Seriously??" Seulgi asked and Tzuyu nods

"Yep.. When she tried to do slow dance she stepped on.." She stop for a bit "she stepped on the girls foot.."

I wonder who's that girl

I wanted to laugh so hard knowing a great dancer can't dance to a slow dance

Then minutes have been passed she came back

"Where's Nayeon and Jeongyeon?" I asked

"Still there loosing their shits!" She laughed

Then suddenly the music change into a slow one.. Sana dragged Tzuyu into the dance floor and so is Seulgi and Irene.

I didn't dragged Lisa cause Tzuyu said she can't dance to this

I look at Lisa and she is already looking at me

"What?" I asked coldly

"Uhmm.. D-do you want to d-dance?" She asked stuttering

"Huh?.." I asked shocked

I thought she didn't know how to dance to this?!

She stood up and offered her hand

"I said do you want to dance?" She asked again

I smiled and accepted her hand

"Will sure do."

We both walked to the dance floor while holding each others hand and then we started dancing.

My arm was holding hers while the other is on her shoulder and hers on my waist

"Forgive me if i make any mistake.. Im bad at dancing to slow dance.." She admitted. I just smiled

"Stop talking and let's just dance."

Part 10 End

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