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Tears slipped down Annabeth's cheeks as she zipped up her black gown. She quickly wiped them away and stumbled out of her room in her black heels. That was it Nico was gone. And it wasn't a nightmare she could wake up from. It was real. It happened. It had been a day since Nico died and today was his funeral. Since Nico's father was the worst person in the world he decided that he was too busy to show up for his own sons funeral. So Will took it upon himself to set up the funeral. He had stayed up all night with Hazel and Annabeth setting everything up. He wanted to make sure it was perfect. And so did everyone else. Nico was only 19. He didn't deserve it.

She stepped into her mustang and switched on the heater since winter was right around the corner. She started the ignition and drove to her destination. It was a 1 hour drive since Will said that we couldn't do his funeral in just any place. Too
much was happening to her all at once. She couldn't handle it. She couldn't stand to face Percy. When she passed by his room after she got back from the hospital she heard muffled sobs coming from insisted. A part of her wanted to run inside and cry with him. The rest of her wanted to walk away and that's what she did. She walked away. She didn't look back.

Annabeth stopped her car to the side of of the road her emotions taking over her body. And she cried. She cried until she had no tears left. As soon as she remembered about Wills warning on how she wouldn't be able to do it if she wasn't there she quickly wiped away her tears and continued her drive. She occasionally let a strangled sob slip past her lips but she was careful not to let her emotions over power her again. Once she reached, she slowly stepped outside, the cold wind stung her face and her the tear stained skin felt exposed in the cold. She shuffled over to where everyone was seated and walked over to where Nico's body lay. Will chose to have a closed casket since he said that Nico wouldn't want people staring at him in his last moments of life. She kneeled down next to the casket and traced her fingers across the polished black surface.

"I'm sorry," she whispered, touching her forehead to the casket. She could almost imagine Nico's lifeless body luring inside. She covered her mouth trying not to let another sob flow past her lips. "I miss you, so much. You have no idea how mad I am at you. You left us. Why? Why couldn't you stay?"

She quickly got up and straightened her dress. Tears clouding her vision but she stayed strong, for Will and Hazel. She walked over to where Will was sitting, his face held no emotion. His gaze was so fixed on a tree that was in front of him it was almost creepy.

"Will?" She said, gently placing an arm on his shoulder. His head snapped towards her and his eyes brimmed with tears. He stood up and wrapped his arms around her burying his face into the crook of her neck. She felt tears fall into her dress. She rubbed sighing circles on his back but she wasn't the best at comforting people.

"I want him back," he sobbed. "I don't want anything else. Please,"

"Oh Will," She said, placing her chin atop his head. "It'll get better. I promise,"

She felt guilty for making such empty promises because she knew that this type of pain doesn't go away. She slowly pulled away and plated a soft kiss on his forehead before walking to wards Hazel. She was ran up to Annabeth and hugged her.

"Thank you," she said. Hazel wasn't Nico's actual sister but she loved him more than his own father did. She loved Nico with all her heart and it broke Annabeth to see her cry. Tears streamed down Hazels face but she still managed a sad smile. "You helped me and Will a lot. I might have not known you for 10 years like I have known everybody else. But you are still one of my closest friends,"

"I feel the same way," Annabeth said, brushing a few loose strands of hair that had fallen on Hazel's face.

She walked over to her seat and sat down. Then it started.

"Hi everyone," Will said. "I want to thank you all for coming. Nico was the bravest sweetest person I have ever known. Yes, he could get a little grumpy sometimes. But everyone loved him none the less. He is the most caring person I know and I loved him. Hazel was supposed to speak first but she couldn't. She is going through a lot of pain right now a-"

Will stopped abruptly his face twisted into a scowl. He let out an low irritated growl at whoever he was looking at. Annabeth slowly followed his gaze to see a man. He was very tall and had pale skin, really dark brown eyes that they almost looked black, chapped lips and he wore a black tuxedo. That's when she noticed that he looked very similar to Nico. His dad. He came...

"Thought you were too busy to show up," Will growled, his eyes narrowing at Nico's dad. Annabeth had never see him so angry. He was always happy and even when he was mad he did a pretty good job at covering it. The last time he looked this angry was because of Octavian.

"Yes, but I managed to cancel a few appointments," he said, bored but at the same time irritated. "What are you doing here anyways?"

"I'm your son's boyfriend so I have all rights to be here," he said, his voice getting louder after each word.

"How dare you!" He yelled, his face going red with anger. "My son does not like you. He was confused. You cannot be here,"

"Shut up, father!" Hazel yelled, getting up from her seat. "Nico loved him. You cannot do anything about it! You cannot make decisions for him. You left us and the only reason I called you to come for his funeral is out of courtesy. But you said you couldn't make it because of work. How dare you decide to come here after everything,"

"Hazel, do not use that tone with me," he warned, walking towards where Will was standing. "And you, step away from my son,"

Hazel did the most unexpected thing. She ran over to his father and slapped him across the face. Her presence radiated anger. She pushed him away from Will.

"Will was there when Nico died. He was the only person keeping me sane. While you were in some exotic country doing your stupid job!" She screamed, jabbing an accusing finger at her father's chest. "So why don't you do me favour and get out,"

"How dare you, Hazel," he said, grabbing her wrist. Hazel tried to pry herself out of his hand but his grip was too tight. Annabeth's sisterly instincts kicked in and she ran over to them. She twisted his arm causing him to groan in pain and let his grip on Hazel loosen allowing her to slip out of his grasp.

"If you have any dignity left you will leave otherwise I can ask Annabeth to escort you out," Hazel said, scarily clam with a fake smile.

The pale man shook his head and walked away but not before turning around towards them. "You will regret this, Hazel."

And that was that. Everyone fell into silence and the final rituals were carried out. Soon it was time for the burial. Both Will and Hazel sobbed uncontrollably as they carried the polished black casket across the field. Each of us dropped a handful os soul inside and that was. It was over. He was gone.

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