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"She's adorable," Percy said, looking down at their baby. Annabeth smiled her eyes scanning the features of her new born child. She had sea green just like Percy, blonde hair like Annabeth and the cutest face you could possibly imagine. Annabeth sobbed as she held her baby closer to her chest. The lower half of her body was completely numb due to the epidural but apart from that she couldn't have been more happy. "What should me name her?"

"Nicole Jace," Annabeth stated, tears still falling from her eyes as she kissed Nicole's forehead.



"Good morning, babe," Annabeth said, gently shaking Percy awake. His eyes slowly fluttered open as he groaned at the sunlight that was streaming into the room.

"Good morning, love," he said, his voice hoarse from sleep. He slowly got up and faced Annabeth. His hair messily covering his face. Annabeth smiled and ran a hand through his hair. She loved her seaweed brain no matter what.

She lightly pecked him on the lips before walking to Nicole's room.

She slowly opened the door and walked over to her bed.
Nicole was fast asleep on her little car bed. Percy had forced Annabeth to get a blue one for her and Nicole loved it. Annabeth pecked Nicole on the forehead and gently brushed Nicole's hair back. "Wake up, sweetie," she whispered.

"Good morning, mom." Nicole groaned, getting up. She rested one of her hands on the bed and used the other one to rub her eyes.

"Get dressed it's your first day of school," Annabeth said, smiling.


"Hiya!" Nicole yelled, kicking the plastic opponent. She threw a few fists around and finally finished it it with a roundhouse kick. She looked over to Annabeth and smiled. "I did it mom!"

"Good job!" Annabeth congratulated, giving her a thumbs up,

"Now the last thing to get your next next belt is break the wooden board," the instructor announced, placing the board in between two stacks of bricks. Nicole bowed and raised her hand. In one quick motion the wood split into two.

Everyone clapped as Nicole received her belt. Annabeth couldn't be happier.


"Mom!" Nicole yelled, running up to her with an envelope in her hand. "Chiron gave me this! Do you think this is it?"

"Maybe," Annabeth said, grinning. "Open it!"

"Um, yeah." She said, hesitantly. She carefully ripped open the envelope and slowly took out the letter. Annabeth saw her eyes scan the envelope before her smile turned into an ugly frown. "I got a model?!"

Annabeth snickered as placed a sympathetic hand on her shoulder. "I know how it feels," she said, still chuckling.

"Perce!" Annabeth called, walking with Nicole into the kitchen. Percy was inside making pancakes but to be fair they looked more like charcoal considering how burnt they were. "Nicole here got her first mission. She's gotta model to babysit!"

"Wait, seriously?" Percy asked, a hint of a smile playing at his lips. "Are you telling me that you babysat me?"

"Well, that's how it felt like," Annabeth laughed causing Percy to pout like a baby. Annabeth walked over to him and kissed him.

"Ew!" Nicole groaned, folding her hands over her chest as she continued to make gagging noises. "You guys are disgusting,"

Both Annabeth and Percy laughed as they stared into each other's eyes. Then they kissed again.

"I love you," Percy whispered.

"I love you, too," Annabeth said, tucking her hair back behind her ear.

"And I love y'all, too!" Nicole exclaimed, wrapping them in a bear hug.

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