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Alliance [1]✔️ by lustenvy
Alliance [1]✔️by Becca
"Choose your team carefully, you'll be fighting beside them for the rest of your life" "No" • • • Agent Eleven has never had a team nor does she want...
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Is This War Or Love? [Complete] by City_Arevalo
Is This War Or Love? [Complete]by City_Arevalo
Apat na babaeng secret agents at the same time gangsters ang kailan mag-transfer sa isang eskwelahan para proteksyunan. Ang apat na lalaking gangsters nain-love sa gangs...
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The Maldita Superstar (COMPLETED) by Kawaiineechan02
The Maldita Superstar (COMPLETED)by Taehyungie Kim
Meet Gwendolyn Katerina Bloom Sanchez the Superstar, na kinahuhumalingan ng kalalakihan dahil sa angkin niyang kagandahan, pero kabaliktaran ng ugali niyang mala imbyern...
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Wild Flower  [Eggsy Unwin : Kingsman] by ApatheticFine
Wild Flower [Eggsy Unwin : Valerie
"My beautiful wild flower, you think I would trade a princess for a goddess?" +The Secret Service [Edited Completed ☑️] +The Golden Circle [Coming 2020 ]
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Agent Rogue by Caitlin_Lucy
Agent Rogueby Caitlin Cross
The best agents are the ones who don't question orders. They lack their own morals and trust their directors in the same way a dog trusts its master. Amber Knight is one...
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Alnihayya | PUBLISHED as a paperback✔ by muskaansmiles
Alnihayya | PUBLISHED as a Muskaan.
Mashal Naeem thought she knew exactly who she was until she was rescued by her neighbour, flown on a private plane and driven on a talking car, kidnapped by terrorists a...
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Mr. Black [EXO KAI FANFICTION] by kim_mus2
(Lee Hana's POV) Have you ever met a guy who is cold, mysterious, annoying, and lovely at the same time? Well, I have! His name is Kai and I call him Mr. Black, becaus...
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One Shots by daSugarRose
One Shotsby SugarRose
Just a little fantasy. Not all one shots will be smut, lol. Enjoy!
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(Alex Rider Fanfiction) Floating in the Dark by KurokageJS
(Alex Rider Fanfiction) Floating Alex J Wynter
Alex Rider Fanfiction. Based on the book Scorpia, with one little twist: What if Alex really did kill Mrs. Jones that day? Disclaimer: Based on the Alex Rider ser...
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Souls Connected by Ambi_Ambivert
Souls Connectedby Ambika Bhandari
After five years of the second war in the wizarding world, Hermione is unable to forget her late husband Ronald Weasley. she although changes her name back to Hermione G...
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The Secret Agent(BTS AND EXO FF) by PhantomT_Joker02
The Secret Agent(BTS AND EXO FF)by Suzumiya_Rin
Min Y/N Leader of the Elite Squad Rude,cold and deadly when confronting enemies(in reality too at school) A very good dancer tho..^-^ A highschooler The daughter of the...
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Freeze (The Jewel Project #4) by Wimbug
Freeze (The Jewel Project #4)by Stef
"I know your weakness. You want to be fair, you want to do right, you want to be the good guy. I could give you a depression you'd never crawl out of." Sometim...
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Be your star | Kim Yohan by __asdfghjklovely
Be your star | Kim Yohanby 🌹
"You knew how much i hated liars but you still lied..." Don't forget to vote!!:) I hope you can give this book a chance:(( -🌹
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LASCIVIOUS TRAP by yellowbellefever
LASCIVIOUS TRAPby yellowbellefever
Lexux is a ruthless man at kaya niyang pumatay ng tao without any hesitation who messes with his business. A cold-hearted and rude kahit nakikipag sex. He is one of the...
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Verkwan AU -agent 017-  by imnatkidding
Verkwan AU -agent 017- by Natalia
Vernon Chwe x Seungkwan Boo
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The nerdy boy[completed] by kongart62
The nerdy boy[completed]by kongart62
THE NERDY BOY - English version "You are not a nerd.... What are you really" ........ " guess someone found my secret " "Why do you have a gun...
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j.jk / secret agent. ✔ by Acepeaches27
j.jk / secret agent. ✔by flake
mistakes were made. regret, sadness, and the cold life embraced her. but then, he came back. to change everything. [edited : april 26, 2020.]
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Dance with Me- A Reylo story by D122203
Dance with Me- A Reylo storyby Mrs. Chris Hemsworth
Modern AU. Rey is an aspiring ballerina and Kylo is her choreographer. She has fallen for him harder than she wants to admit, but little does she know that Kylo has a se...
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Low-key | A Why Don't We Spy Novel ✓ (EDITING) by deardanielseavey
Low-key | A Why Don't We Spy Foster Mom Maria Paulita Juan...
When International Pop Boy Band Sensation Why Don't We's lives are threatened, only one person is capable of helping them. The bloodthirsty, justice-seeking assassin, Ag...
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I'm his(Levi×Eren) by Peakaboo_bitches
I'm his(Levi×Eren)by Peakaboo_bitches
Kenny want Levi to find a husband to help run the family business. Eren wants to escape his father's abuse and the way he runs his gang. DISCLAIMER -lots of swearing ...
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