Pizza Date

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Annabeth woke up to the high pitch shrill of her alarm. She groaned and got up. Then remembered the incidents that happened yesterday.

Nico was in a coma...

She quickly got ready and rushed down stairs. Percy was sitting on the couch rubbing his temples. His eyes were red and he had his bags under his eyes.

"Percy?" Annabeth called, softly placing an arm on his back. Percy flinched at the contact but then relaxed at her touch. "Did you get any sleep last night?"

"Couldn't," he mumbled, picking up a coffee mug from the table.

"How many cups of coffee did you drink?" Annabeth asked, worriedly.

"Around 6," He said, nonchalantly.

Annabeth snatched the mug from his hand and placed back on the table.

"Percy that much caffeine is not good for your health!" She said, placing her hands on her hips.

"I know," he said, resting his head in his hands.

Annabeth's arms dropped remembering what she came to ask Percy about.

"How is Nico doing?" Annabeth asked, softly.

"Will said his condition hasn't improved or gotten worse," he mumbled.

"Perce, he will get better," Annabeth said, running a hand through Percy's black hair. "He's the Nico di Angelo,"

A tear rolled down his cheek. Annabeth wiped it of with her thumb and cupped his face in her hands.

"Percy, stay strong," she whispered. "For Nico,"

"For Nico," he mumbled, burying his head in Annabeth's shoulder.

She felt tears on her shirt and Percy was shaking uncontrollably. Annabeth silently sobbed as she hugged Percy tightly.They stayed like that for a few more minutes until Percy's phone rang.He quickly grabbed the phone from the coffee table and started talking.

"Hey, Will,"


"That's good,"





"What did he say?" Annabeth asked, brushing away a stray hair that had fallen on her face.

"Nico is slowly getting better," he said, smiling. "Will said that the doctor told them that Nico will be okay,"

"That's great news!" She said, pulling Percy into a hug. "I told you he'd be okay,"

"Okay, okay, you were right, Wise Girl," He said, chuckling.

Annabeth laughed and lightly pecked him on the lips before getting up.

"I have some work to do," she said, walking away.

Percy suddenly held her wrist and pulled her on his lap.

"Let's go out today to celebrate the good news," he said, smiling. His green eyes sparkled in the sunlight.

"Sure," she said, wriggling out of Percy's grasp. "We'll go out for dinner,"

Percy hummed in response and checked his phone. Annabeth walked back to her dorm to finish up some work.


Soon, it was time for their little date and Annabeth was pretty nervous. I mean sure they had gone on plenty of dates but the feeling of nervousness was still there.

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