The Famous Blue Mansion

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Annabeth has been training for as long as she can remember. Her dream is to be as amazing at her job as Athena, her mom. She missed her mom. But she couldn't help the fact that her mom had missions.

"Annie!" Malcom exclaimed, running towards her waving an envelope over his head. Malcom was Annabeth's younger brother. He is the most annoying, lovable person on earth. Annabeth wouldn't trade him for anything. Well, maybe some new gear-no..wouldn't trade em for anything...

"Hey, Mal!" She said, taking off her boxing gear. Sweat dripped from her forehead due to hours of practice she had been doing. "What's going on?"

"Mr Chiron asked me to give this to you," he said, pointing towards the envelope excitedly. His eyes filled with joy as he continued waving the envelope in from of her face. See, annoying but lovable.

"Mr Chiron?!" She yelled, excitedly grabbing the envelope. She had been waiting for that envelope ever since she first started training. The envelope would assign her first ever mission. She always hoped it would be someone great...

Dear Agent 306,
We congratulate you on your first mission.
This mission requires you to protect teen model Percy Jackson. More information will be sent to your new contact. You must keep him safe at all times.
With regards,
Agent 148 (Chiron)

A model!? Why would they give her a model! Her smile turned into an ugly frown as she finished reading the letter.

"What's wrong, Annie?" Malcom asked, cocking his head trying to figure out why her excitement had turned into disappointment.

"Nothing," She said, quickly folding the letter and sliding it back into the envelope. "I got my first mission!"

"Who is it?" He asked, eagerly. Skipping around Annabeth.

"P-Percy Jackson," she said, hesitantly. She knew Malcom looked up to him. He always dreamed of being as famous as Percy Jackson. When he was younger he would try to find the same outfits that Percy wore in his photoshoots and pretend to be him.

"Percy Jackson!" He exclaimed, his eyes so wide that Annabeth thought they would pop out. "Can I meet him?"

"I don't think they will allow that, Mal." She said, giving him a lopsided smile.

"Pwease," he begged, pouting. Nobody can resist his puppy dog eyes causing Annabeth to immediately cover her face with her hands.

"I'll try," she said. Even though she knew they wouldn't agree.

"Yeah!" He said, skipping around the room.
Annabeth laughed at how excited he was then realized that she would still have to work for a stuck up teen, who probably thought he was better than everybody else. Why did this have to her?


She got into her old red mustang and turned on the radio. She switched through a few stations then finally decided on a station that was playing classics. She wasn't much of a modern-day pop kinda person. So classics were her only sorta appealing music.

It didn't take too long to reach her destination. It was only a half an hour drive. She grabbed her bag and stepped out of the car. Admiring the famous blue mansion which belonged to Percy Jackson.
She scowled at the thought of having to work for a stuck up model. She shoved through a crowd of people that were standing in front of the house. Which she assumed were paparazzi. After she finally reached the front of the house she scanned her ID. And the door opened she quickly walked in and the door automatically closed behind her. She knew that she wouldn't have to use her ID every time. The only time they would put the on lockdown was when there way too much paparazzi. Today the only reason for the crowd was because of the models latest release.

"You must be Annabeth," a woman said. She had long black hair that was neatly braided, icy blue eyes and fairly tanned skin. She wore a business suit and black high heels.

"Yes," she replied, shaking the woman's hand. She plastered on her fake smile which she would probably have to use for the rest of her mission.

"I'm Jessica, Percy's manager," she said smiling. "Follow me I'll show you around,"


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