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Annabeth couldn't sleep that night. She kept on repeating everything that happened today. From when Frank asked her to help with dating advise to how Percy went missing and then finally t-they ki-

Her thoughts were interrupted by the sound of her alarm blaring. She slowly opened her eyes and turned off the alarm groggily walking towards the washroom.


"Annabeth! Get out of there!" Jessica yelled from outside the room. Oh my gods, what was wrong with that woman?

"Sorry," Annabeth mumbled, putting on a coat on top of her pantsuit.

She quickly walked out the room and nearly bumped into Jessica who was waiting outside the door with her hands on her hips and a scowl plastered on her face

"Watch were your going!" Jessica hissed, backing away from Annabeth. "And stay away from my Percy! I can't believe you got him beat up!"

Annabeth flinched when Jessica referred to Percy as hers.
Were they together? She thought. Oh gods she really messed up this time.

"I-I'm so s-sorry," Annabeth stuttered, looking at her feet. "I didn't mean it it just-"

"Just go," Jessica snapped, rubbing her forehead with her hands.

Annabeth's eyes stung with tears but she didn't let them fall. Pathetic. She quickly walked towards Percy's room and stayed outside doing what she should have done in the first place. Protecting him.

Percy walked out of the room in a few minutes but Annabeth didn't even look in his direction.

"Hey Annabeth!" Percy said, a little awkwardly. His usual smile not on his face.

"Good morning, Mr. Jackson," she deadpanned, still looking away from him. The words "Mr. Jackson" felt weird in her mouth.

"Mr. Jackson?" Percy asked, fiddling with his shirt. "Anything wrong?"

"Yes! There is!" Annabeth yelled, not able to control her emotions even though she knew she should have. "Everything is wrong!"

"Is it the k-k-" Percy stammered, his eyes widening slightly at Annabeth's outburst.

"Yes! Yes it is!" She yelled, throwing her hands up in the air in disbelief. "Why didn't you tell me you and Jessica were together? Should have known that all models were jerks!"

"I-we aren't-you-she-" he fumbled.

"Just leave me alone," Annabeth mumbled, immediately wiping away a stray tear. She felt weak.

"I'm so s-" Percy said.

"We ready for the photo shoot?" Hazel asked, before Percy could finish. Hazel's smile fell from her face as she noticed what was happening. "Um, am I interrupting anything?"

"No," Annabeth grumbled, folding her hands in front of her chest.


The photoshoot was torture for Annabeth. She just stood there watching Percy pose while Hazel clicked a bunch of pictures and yelled different expressions.

Percy walked over to Annabeth after the photoshoot was done with a frown on his face. Here it goes.

"Annabeth, can we talk, please?" Percy begged, looking at the ground. Annabeth tried to find a way not to talk to him and thankfully right then Frank walked into the room.

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