Agent 306

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Congratulations you have reached the end of this story. I just want to say thank for all of your support. When I first started writing this I had very very low expectations. But seeing the amount of appreciation you guys have shown really puts a smile in my face.

Thank you to all my readers. Thank you for lovely comments, your votes and just over all giving my story a chance. You guys mean the world to me and I would also like to thank Its_Scarlet_Rose for encouraging me to start writing. Without her help I wouldn't have been here. Thank you for correcting my stupid mistakes. You are amazing!! I am so happy to have a best friend like you.

This story will be undergoing thorough editing. I might even add sentences etc. 

If you guys like my writing please check out my other stories. I have an original called Lost Boys which is by far the best one I have written.

And as always...

Thanks a riptide for reading!

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