Chapter 14

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Karlheinz visited the Mansion with two people. Karl knocked on the door and Reiji went to open it which revealed his father.

"Nice for you to join us father. We need your help." Reiji said walking away as the three entered the room.

"So I believe a girl has been taken?" He asked walking behind Reiji.

"Yes, her name is Lavender, our bride." Reiji said.

"What happened to the other one?" Karl asked with curiosity.

"She killed herself." Reiji said bluntly without a care laced on his voice.

"I see." Karl mumbled and they both stopped at the living room where the others stopped doing what they were doing.

"What are you all doing?" Karl asked with an amused.

"We're researching the darkness that took Lavender and looking for what he is." Ruki explained.

"Darkness? Who told you that?" The man with scarf on asked.

"Why does it sound like you know anything about the darkness?" Shuu raised and eyebrow to the man with a scarf covering his face.

"Calm down. Before you all brutally murdered each other. This is the first bloods. Carla and Shin." He introduced the two men.

"Wow, pure bloods then first bloods. My day is getting better and better." Yuma said sarcastically.

Before Karl could speak a loud bang from the front entrance can be heard which followed by footsteps making everyone turned their heads.

"WHAT'S UP FUCKERS!!" A grayish hair man shouted entering the mansion.

"Kino? What are you doing here?" Karl asked shocked.

"Fuck you that's why! I'm just kidding. I was sent here by good old pal Taiyō." Kino said.

"Who's that?" Laito asked and Angel appeared behind him.

"That would be me." Angel volunteered.

"A guardian? What have you boys been doing?" Karl asked them.

"Nothing! We didn't even know who he was until he told us he was Lavender's guardian! How do you know all this?" Ayato looked at Karl and Karl pinched the bridge of his nose.

"Of course. Should have known." Karl mumbled, but everyone heard it except Kino who already knew what he meant.

"What do you mean?" Kanato asked.

"I already explained it to you all. The darkness wants Lavender's power. He will get into her mind and persuade her to give her the power, but she doesn't have it. Only the matter of time that The darkness devour or do something bad with Lavender's soul since she's human." Angel explained.

"Then we must move quickly. We have to find her location. Angel can you track Lavender down?" Karl asked.

Angel nodded and closed his eyes. His eyes moved frantically and they soon opened.

"Did you find her?" Subaru asked with worry.

"No, the darkness is blocking her location. If she could distract the darkness then his shield would grow weaker and weaker which will make me locate her easily." Angel explained again.

"Then can you send her something?" Carla asked.

"I might. Hold on." Angel left the room to contact Lavender.

Lavender slept and soon a light was shown in the darkness revealing Angel.

"Master? Can you hear me?" Angel asked.

"Angel? Is that you?" Lavender asked and Angel nodded.

"We don't have time. I would like for you to distract the darkness so the shield can grow weaker." Angel said to her.

"Eh? Angel, the darkness said he was my past lover. He won't hurt me." Lavender said.

"He is lying, master. He wants your powers so he could rule the world! You must distract him. Ask him personal questions or something. But whatever you do. Do not let him get into your head. He will do whatever it takes to take your soul. He is bad news." Angel explained.

"Your lying! He wouldn't do that!" Lavender shouted.

"Listen to me, master...his close...distract him as much as you can! We will find you! Please trust me! Trust them! Trust the voices! Trust your inst-" He was caught off when Lavender heard a loud bang causing Lavender to jolts up.

She looked around the room seeing nothing, but darkness. What does he mean by Darkness ruling the world? Trust the voices? Her mind was raising and her head tells her to do what Angel has said. Her heart tells her to find a way out. All those bones have told her another story.

"My love? Are you alright?" A voice asked catching her off guard and looked to see him.

She nodded her head slowly, but kept your guard up. All these time I ignored the voices, my negative vibes and the way his lies. I must find a way out...but how?

"Come, let us eat." He gave her a fake smile and she nodded her head as she stood up and walked towards him.

He held his hand out, but she didn't take it.

"I see that you haven't fully trusted me, but do not worry. You will." He mumbled the last part and walked away as Lavender followed him.

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