Chapter 16

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"What do you want?" Angel asked and Axel smirk.

"I want her power. I want it." Axel said and Angel looked at the brothers.

Lavender didn't know what was bound to happened and Angel turned facing them. He lifted his hand showing her the necklace.

"Is this what you want?" He asked and Axel smirk.

"Yes, it is now hand it over!" Axel shouted making Lavender flinch and tremble in terror.

"Hand her over first!" Angel reasoned and Axel's face shrugged as he pushed Lavender making stumble to the ground.

Lavender stood up and ran towards the brothers. Angel placed the container on the darkness' creature's hand and the creature ran towards his master. Lavender hugged the brothers who hugged back. She hugged angel who smiled hugging her back.

"I'm glad your safe." Angel mumbled and she smiled nodding her head.

She looked up to see Axel looking at the container and angrily threw it to the floor sending glares.

"You liar!" He shouted and threw a darkness spear towards Angel.

"No!" Lavender shouted and pushed Angel to the ground as the spear penetrated her stomach.

"LAVENDER!!!" The brothers yelled as Subaru ran and catch her.

Then all hell broke loose as there were more angels appearing and fighting. Blood of angels and vampires splattered all over and not any of them had crushed any of the darkness's minions. Angel gave Lavender her power and placed her down one the floor before going inside the battle to help. The brothers kept fighting and dared not to get hit by any of the darkness's minions since one hit is an instant kill. Angel charged towards the Darkness himself who slashed vampires and angels walking towards him as well. They both fought with anger radiating around Angel and a smirk placed on the Darkness. Clash of every blade and screams of everyone that fought had failed. The only ones that are living were a few angels, Angel, The Sakamakis, the Mukamis and the Tsukinami including Karlheinz who are panting with defeat.

They were surrounded by dark creatures with red glowing eyes. They all jumped towards them as they covered themselves, but they didn't feel any pain or any scratch that are placed on them. They slowly opened their eyes to see that a circle was covering them like a force field. The creatures screamed in pain and frustration as the brothers, angels and Karl looked at each other for an explanation. The creatures soon got incinerated with light as the brothers eyes grew wide. They looked up to see a glowing white light sending out light from the palm of it's hands.

Subaru quickly realized who it was and shouted out loud.

"LAVENDER!!" He shouted causing the boys' attention to look at where Subaru was looking at and sure enough Lavender turned around and gave them a Angelic smile before fighting the creatures who ran for safety.

The Darkness eyes widen when he saw his minions getting incinerated and screamed in anger before stabbing Angel to his stomach which caused Lavender's attention turned towards them. She then saw Angel with a dark blade pierced towards his heart and fell limped on the floor. Lavender's anger grew wildly as he charged towards the Darkness and fought. The Darkness couldn't keep up from her speed as she fought harder and harder. Soon enough the Darkness lost balance and fell on the floor as Lavender stabbed him through his chest. Her eyes turned back to normal and she ran towards Angel who lays on his pool of blood.

"Angel!" Lavender shouted and ran towards him as she gently grabbed him putting his head on her lap.

"M-master." He coughed out and Lavender shushed him gently petting his head.

"It will be alright." She said to him soothingly.

"I'm s...sorry I...c...couldn't p...protect you." He stuttered and Lavender closes her eyes as a stray of tear landed on Angel's face.

"It's alright, it's time for you to sleep." She said to him and he nodded his head as he closed his eyes.

"Good...night." With those last words Angel laid on Lavender's lap with his eyes closed and Lavender cried silently as the brothers walked towards her and patted her back or stood around her with pity.

" pet." She said before kissing his forehead as Angel began to fade away towards the sky.

"'s time." One of the angels said and she nodded her head before standing up.

"Time for what?" Ayato asked thinking that she won't leave them.

"Time for me to go home, Ayato." She said to them and their eyes widen.

"You can't just leave us!" Yuma shouted and Lavender gave them a sad smile.

"Don't worry, I'll watch over you all. Thank you for coming for me." She said as she walked towards the angels.

"Lavender!!" Subaru shouted and Lavender turned to look at him to see that his in tears for the first time.

"Don't...please." He begged and kneeled sobbing as everyone looked at him with shock and pity.

"I'm sorry...please don't leave...I don't wanna be alone again." He pleaded for her to stay and Lavender felt pain and sadness around Subaru as she looked at the angels who nodded and flying up towards the sky.

Lavender walked towards Subaru changing back to her form and hugged him as he hugged back and everyone did as well except for Carla and Shin as well as Karl who smiled at the scene as everyone cried for the first time in their life.

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