Chapter 8

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"The group I'd choose are Laito and Kanato." I said the the two cheered as they jump up and down hugging each other.

"Jeez they act like kids. They're so loud." Shu mumbled and the three agreed to it.

"Alright, that's enough. Let's start shopping before night falls. Everyone meet us in at the food court alright?" We all nodded and went to our separate ways.

I stood between Kanato and Laito who are looking for clothing stores.

"Do you have any underwear or bra?" Laito asked and I shook my head at him.

"Well, let's go then. I know a place." Laito grabbed my hand and ran dragging me along with him.

"Hey! Wait for us!" I heard Kanato and he ran after us.

Subaru & Ayato

The two boys walked towards a furniture store and began picking out what they think their little flower would like. Ayato walked towards Subaru who was looking at some book shelves.

"Do you think little flower would like this?" Subaru turned around as Ayato showed him an jar that has fake flowers inside.

"Yeah, I think so. Nice choice." Subaru praised and Ayato grinned.

"Of course the great ore-sama know what little flower wants." She grinned and Subaru lifted and eyebrow.

"You just asked me seconds ago if she would like that." He said and Ayato rubbed his head.

"Your great on picking things, but not great on remembering things." Subaru said and walked away from him.

"Hey!" He shouted which earned him some weird looks on the people inside the store.

Shu & Reiji

Shu and Reiji were inside a pet shop at the dog aisle as they look stuff for Angel. Reiji was figuring out what would dog likes while Shu just started grabbing random shit he sees from the shelves. Shu appeared next to Reiji with a cart full of dog stuff as Reiji looked at the cart before looking at him who's face is emotionless.

"Of course. You know what the mutt likes when you had one clearly." Reiji pushed his glasses up and Shu glared at him when he said.

"For 5 minutes." With that he left and went to the cashier as Shu followed him pushing the cart, but Shu knew deep down that he won't let what happened to him in the past happened to Angel and his princess.

He couldn't stand seeing her go all dark when she is full of pure light and happiness that can sometimes can incinerate vampires if they see her.

Laito & Kanato

Laito and Kanato began dressing her up in each stores. Of course Laito didn't let her buy revealing ones only some which he would like to see in his free time. Kanato did the same, but his is not turning her into a doll. Laito and Kanato didn't want their little flower to fade into dark and they didn't want to make a wrong choice that might upset her in anyway.

"Do you want to wear this?" Laito asked as she showed Lavender a lavender colored dress with a belt wrapped the waist and a small bow on the back.

Lavender nodded her head as she took the dress and headed to the dressing room. Kanato gave her the accessories that's gonna match her dress. She soon got out as the two blushed and her playing with her fingers and shifted a bit shy like she always does when she enters the dressing room to change and coming out to show the big reveal.

"Cute." They both said and they paid for it as they told her to just wear it and grabbed her previous clothes putting it inside.

"It's time to go so let's go to our meeting area." Laito announced and they both nodded following him.

They soon stopped at the food court and sat to one of the chairs. Lavender had fallen asleep when the others had shown up. Angel barked and wagged his tail as Shu crouched down and pat his head.

"What happened to her?" Reiji asked concerned laced in his voice.

"Fell asleep." Laito yawned and Kanato was trying his best not to fall asleep.

All of them where tired, but they had to leave the mall so they could start working on her.

"Shu, carry her so we could go home." Shu nodded and carried Lavender bridal style careful not to wake her up.

Soon they got home they began furnishing her room as silently as they can while Angel and Lavender sleep peacefully on the bed. When they were done they left her room and got into there's. Angel woke up looking around to see if it was clear. He jumped up the bed and soon morphed into a guy with black hair, blue eyes and white shirt, black pants and black leather jacket. He slowly lay next to his master and wrapped his muscular arms around her waist gently pulling her towards him.

"I'll be here for you, my master." He whispered softly to her ear moving a strand of hair away from her face.




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