Chapter 6

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I heard people talking from the distance, but I couldn't understand what they're saying. All I could hear was my name or who did this to her. Everything else is just distant because of the darkness. I knew I had to be strong so please god give me strength. I prayed in my mind and that's when I saw the light. I ran towards it as fast as I could and made it out. I opened my eyes slowly, but then was blinded by the light.

"Turn the light off." I heard a familiar voice and the light was turned off.

My eyes soon adjusted and I look around to see the brothers including Yuma, Ruki and two other men who I don't know.

One has blonde hair and it covers one of his eyes and it looks like his an Idol. The other one was wrapped around with bandages and looked so adorable.

"Are you okay, princess?" She asked gently caressing my hair and I nodded slowly as he smiled sadly before kissing my forehead.

"Did you guys ki-" Reiji was cut off, but his lips were moving.

I was confused on what Ayato, Subaru and him saying. I looked at Shu to see him glaring at them like his gonna beat them up. When they stopped talking I began to hear things again.

"Can you three get out the room before talking something inappropriate in front of someone innocent." Shu said angrily and the three looked at me while I stared at them confused.

They scratched the back of their head and walked outside the rom. Yuma walked up to me and sat down holding my hand.

"Sorry, if I didn't get there on time I-" He was cut off when Shu pulled me away from him and growled.

"Don't you dare touch her you filthy half blood." Shu glared at Yuma which he received a glare back.

I whimpered in pain as Shu loosen up and look down.

"Sorry." He said and caressed my hair.

"Anyways, I would like to introduce you to my brothers. That's Azusa, Kou and-" I cut him off.

"Ruki." I said and they four looked at me.

"H-how did you know his name, Princess?" Shu asked.

"We met in the forest when I thought Angel was taken." I explained to them and he secretly smiled.

"Hmm, you've met these half bloods before huh?" Shu asked again and I nodded.

"Only Yuma and Ruki, but not those two." I pointed at the two people.

"Have you heard my music, Cute little kitty?" Kou asked and I shook my head as he frowned.

"The church never let me use any technology. The only technology I have is a phone that Nana bought me from my 18th birthday, but...Yui broke it." I was about to cry again.

"Don't worry, beautiful flower. We'll get you a new one." Laito gave me a assuring smile.

"Teddy and I would give you treats too! I know how you wanted to try them, flower." Kanato beamed and I smiled happily.

"Get some rest, Princess." Shu said and I nodded my head closing my eyes.

After a long rest I soon woke up and I was in my room. A familiar teddy bear was placed next to me and I gently picked it up to see that it was Kanato's. I didn't know what happened until memories came flooding in as I hugged the teddy bear tightly. I sat up slowly and winced feeling pain coursing through my body. It was unbearable and I feel like I wanted to cry. I heard the door opened and I looked up to see Reiji with a tray on his hand. He looked at me and his eyes widen as he quickly placed the tray one the nightstand.

"Lavender, you shouldn't get up when your in pain. Please lay down." He said worried and helped me lay down.

I looked outside to the rain still pouring and I heard Reiji sigh.

"The rain hasn't stop pouring the time that my brothers and that half blood saw your condition." He says and I looked at him as he sat on the bed looking at me with sadness.

"Don't worry, those girls won't hurt you anymore. I promise." He said not looking at me, but I could feel darkness radiating around him and Angel whimpering.

I gently touched Reiji's hand and he calmed down looking at me with a smile.

"I'll get going. If your hungry, food is right here. I'll make Angel his food." I smiled and he stood up walking away as Angel hopped on my bed and lay next to me.

I smiled and cuddled with Angel and Teddy as we fell into a deep sleep.

Reiji POV

I walk down the stairs and entered the dungeon as my brothers stand around glaring at the three girls as they are unconscious on the floor.

"Can I make them into a doll?" Kanato asked and I shook my head.

"They don't deserve a quick death. They deserve pain for what they did to our princess. Make them wish they were never born." I said and I began to walk away.

"What are you gonna do?" Shu asked.

"I have to make food for Angel." I answered as I walked up the stairs.

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