Chapter 2

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I walked inside PE wearing red shorts and a white T-Shirt. I walked out the girls bathroom shyly and everyone looked at me as I play the hem of my shirt. I see all the boys drooling while all the girls looked at me with jealousy and anger. I began blushing deeply as I walked pass all of them and sat on the bleachers reading my book. Two boys came with a smirk as one of them has their arm around making me freeze.

"Hey there baby, why don't we have friends out of here and have our fun. What do you say?" He asked as the other guy began to touch my thigh.

I then tried to remove their hands away, but they kept coming back.

"Oh come on, don't play hard to get on us." The other said and I kept moving their hands away.

"Why don't you guys leave the girl alone. Can't you see she's uncomfortable?" A orange haired boy interfered.

"Why don't you mind your own business? She's just those girls acting like they're shy even though they're not." The one on the right said.

"I said leave the girl alone or you two will be inside your own graves." He growled and the boys moved away quickly.

I hugged the book tightly around my chest feeling disgusted. The man crouched down and lightly touched my cheek, but I quickly flinch at his touch scared.

"Don't worry, I'm not those two boys. I won't hurt you." I looked up into his eyes and it shows honesty.

"My name is Yuma Mukami. What's yours?" He asked, but I didn't reply.

"I guess your not much of a talker, huh?" He asked and I nodded.

"Well, at least your not deaf." Wow, rude much?

Before he could say anything else I then spotted Ayato and Subaru playing basketball. I ran towards them and hugged Subaru's back first making him stumble.

"Hey, What the?! Oh, hey Lavender." Subaru turned around looking at me with a smile.

"Hey, what about Ore-sama's hug?" Ayato poured and I quickly ran towards him and hugged him to making him chuckled and Subaru rolling his eyes.

"Wow, thanks for taking her away from me." Subaru said sarcastically.

"Your welcome." Ayato gave him a cocky grin and Subaru growled.

"Lavender...who touched you?" I heard Subaru asked and I looked at him weirdly until he pointed at my thigh making Ayato look as well.

It showed a red hand print on it as I slowly pointed at the two male's flirting with two other girls. I heard Ayato and Subaru growled charging towards them. Before I could stop them both, they grabbed the two male from the back of their shirt and dragged them out of them gym as they struggled and screamed. Once they were out that's when I heard bloody murder screams and things being broken making other people shaken in horror.

"Hm, I guess you know the pure bloods?" I turned around to see Yuma and tilted my head confused.

"I'm gonna be honest with you on this. I'm a vampire as well, but others call me and my brothers half bloods. Anyone here doesn't know that vampires exist. Pure bloods means that they're born as actual vampires as for half bloods they were turned as vampires." I nodded in understanding and he looked at my thigh.

"Sorry, if I wasn't there to help you a little earlier." He said sadly, but I gave me a forgiving smile and he smiled back.

He then looked up and waved goodbye before walking away. I waved back and turned around to see the two brothers walked inside the gym like nothing happened. I ran towards them and hugged Ayato making him stumble and laugh.

"We're fine. Now let's go to Reiji. Ore-sama is sure he'll freak out if we keep this a secret." I nodded in agreement and Subaru covered me up with a jacket as we both walked out the gym.

We walked towards Reiji's Class and Ayato knocked on the door as a teacher opened it up.

"Yes?" He asked looking at Ayato.

"We would like to speak with Reiji." Subaru said.

"Reiji, there's two male wants to speak with you...with a female student." The teacher looked at me up and down as I see lust began to cloud his vision.

"Ahem, you shouldn't look at female student like that, Mr. Moko or I will report this to the headmistress's office." Reiji said anger laced on his voice as the teacher flinch and walked back inside the classroom as Reiji got out closing the door.

"What's problem? Can't you see I'm busy?" He asked them both annoyed.

"Well, this is more of a problem." Ayato said and Reiji raised an eyebrow.

Subaru moved his jacket away and Reiji's eyes landed on the hand print on my thigh making his eyes fume into anger. I then shaken up a bit seeing him angry.

"Who did this to her?" He asked them.

"She pointed at two boys and we drag those to boys out the gym and beat them up." Subaru explained to a fuming Reiji.

"What else happen before that?" Reiji asked again.

"We didn't know, all we know was that she came running and hugged both of us that's when I notice she has the hand print." Subaru sighed.

"Th-they were...trying to...r-rape me." I stuttered silently and they all looked at me with shock, but that never changed a fuming Reiji.

"Where are the boys?" Reiji fumed more.

"They're probably in the nurses office." Ayato shrugged.

"Deal with them, I'm going to heal this bruise." The two nodded and Reiji carried me bridal style.

We appeared back at home as he gently placed me on the couch. The room was covered with books and materials that I dong know of. Reiji soon came with a med-kit and crouched in front of me. He gently placed cream on it making me shiver cause it's cold.

"This will help you heal." He said and he gently applied bandages around.

When he was done he put everything back and left with the med-kit. I stood up slowly still holding the book I've been carrying around. I looked around the bookshelf with awe.

"I guess you like books?" I turned around to see Reiji and I nodded my head.

"I see, you know. Your voice sounded really cute. You should speak more often." He walked up to me with a smile.

He gently moved a loose hair behind my ear and caressed my cheek. He slowly leaned his face towards me while I stared into his eyes. Before anything could happen that's when I hear screaming downstairs.

"WE'RE HOME BITCHES!!!!!" Laito shouted and Reiji groaned backing away from me.

He walked out the room and I followed him.

"Laito, how many times I have told you not to scream when your entering the mansion?" Reiji asked.

"I don't give a FUCK!" Laito smirked.

"Language." Reiji glared at him.

"Princess, why are you here?" Shu asked and everyone's eyes are on me.

Before Reiji could answer I talked making everyone looked at me with shock.

"I was harassed, by two people and a man with orange hair saved me. When I saw Subaru and Ayato I ran towards them and they noticed this hand print on my thigh. I pointed them towards the two men and the both dragged them out. They brought me to Reiji and Reiji and I came here so he could heal me." I said to them shyly and Shu walked up the stairs stroking my hair.

"Don't be shy. Besides I'm glad that you could speak to us. Just speak to us whenever you want, Alright?" I nodded my head and he smiled.

"Damn that voice turns me on." Laito growled seductive or something.

"Shut up, Hentai. Everything that the girls do always turns you on." Subaru rolled his eyes.

"That's enough. Lavender you may go to your room and rest while I go back to school and bring your stuff." I nodded and walked up towards my room.

I closed my door and lay on my bed as I let darkness consume me.

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