Chapter 3

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I looked around my room since it's empty. I sighed and stood up from my seat grabbing clothes for dinner. I put the clothes I had which isn't elegant enough for dinner and I hope they don't mind since I don't have dress. I wore a red shirt, black pants and black converse worn out shoes. I sighed at my appearance and walked out my room then down the stairs. The entrance was still dark as always, but it's warm and cozy as always. I went right and towards the double doors like Reiji had said. I entered the room and found that everyone is already there and I bowed sitting down next to Shu.

"You don't have a dress, Little Flower?" Laito asked me and I shook my head.

"Awww, I'm sure Kanato can let you borrow some of his, right?" Laito looked at Kanato and Kanato nodded.

"We'll by you clothes and furniture that you like in your room so it can be cozy for you. Would you like that?" Reiji asked still eating his food and my eyes sparkled with delight as I stood and ran towards him giving him a big hug.

He chuckle and pat my head gently.

"I'll take that hug as a big yes." He says and I let him go jumping up and down excitedly that I get to have new stuff making the brothers smile.

I ran back to my seat and continue to eat as Yui entered the room. I was happy that I didn't even hear anything she had said. When I finished eating, Kanato places a piece of sliced cake on my plate. I slowly cut a small piece and ate it. The sweetness dance in my mouth as I smiled again and took another bite.

"She likes it, teddy!" Kanato said cheerfully as he watched me eat with a smile placed our faces.

"Have you ate any sweets before?" Ayato asked, The brothers looked at me as Yui looked scared and I shook my head.

"Why?" I looked at Yui to see her glaring at me and giving me the 'dont you fucking dare' look.

I pointed at Yui who's eyes widen and the brothers looked at her with curiosity.

"What about Miss Komori? Are you saying that she doesn't let you get any sweets?" I nod my head and they all glared at her.

"Bitch-Chan is being a bitch everyday, huh?" I nodded my head and Atari sighed.

"I don't want her anymore! I want Lavender." Ayato said getting up and walking a towards me.

Shy wrapped his arms around me and placed me on my lap.

"No, she's mine." He said and sniffed my hair.

"No, she's mine!" Laity shouted as I began to get scared.

"Let her go! I saw her first!" Ayato shouted and I got out from Shu's grip and ran under the table whimpering and shaking in fear.

"Good fucking job, guys. She's not a toy! She's a human girl who has been abused!" Subaru shouted at them.

I felt a hand on my shoulder and I screamed, but my mouth was covered quickly. I turned my head around to see Yuma shushing me.

"What is that horrible stench." Reiji said standing up.

Next thing I knew I was already outside the house in the woods. Yuma was still covering my mouth and soon removed it petting my hair.

"Your so fragile, sorry if I had to take you away from them. I felt that you needed my help so I came as fast as I can." He looked at me and gave me a smile which I smiled back.

"Why don't we walk together? It's gonna be fun." He offered and I accepted his offer by holding his hand.

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