Chapter 9

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Lavender POV

Lavender felt warmth and arms around her. She thought it was one of the brothers sleeping next to her. She felt warm air against the back of my neck. I turned my head around to see who it was, but only to find a man with dark hair sleeping next to me. I gasped and quickly got out the bed which made the man wake up and look around for any danger. He soon looked towards me and soften, but his eyes widen.

"I uh...could explain." Was all he said, but I opened the door and bolted out as quickly as I could.

"Wait! Master!" I heard him shout, but I kept running until I felt his arms wrapped around me making me scream and struggle.

"Shhhh, master. I won't hurt you I promise." He said quietly and covered my mouth, but I kept struggling and felt tears in my eyes.

I soon saw the Subaru's door opened and rubbed his eyes, but when he saw me his eyes widen.

"Hey! Let go of her!" He shouted and the man's head darted towards him.

He did as he was told and I ran towards Subaru hugging him as I cried into his arms while he holds me close.

"Shhhh, I got you." He said stroking my hair gently as I kept crying my eyes out.

"What's all of this commotion?" I heard Reiji's voice.

"A man was trying to kidnap her." Subaru said as he stroke my hair.

"Eh?! Why?!" I heard Ayato shout.

"I don't know, but he disappeared." Subaru said gently.

I then heard barking and my head looks up to see Angel running out of my room. I let go of Subaru and Angel ran towards me jumping into my arms. I held him close as I sobbed onto his fur.

"Everyone search the house. One person will be sleeping with her tonight." Reiji said.

"I'll do it." Shuu volunteered and Reiji nodded as they all teleported away.

"Come, Princess." I heard Shuu's soothing voice and I look up at him as he carried me gently in his arms bridal style with Angel in my arms.

He walked towards my room and laid me gently on the bed as Angel move away from my arms. Shuu lay behind me and I turned to face him as he covered both of us with my blankets. I laid my head on his chest and my hand around his stomach while his other hand is wrapped around my back. I quickly fell asleep when Shuu place one of his ear phones in my left ear making me listen to a beautiful melody.


Running around as I turned around kids with wings followed me with laughter and I laugh with them until I was picked up. I looked down to see father looking at me and so does mother. They smiled and I laughed.

"Hi papa! Hi mama!" I laughed and did they.

"Hello, Sakura." They smiles and they hugged me which I did the same.

I then spotted other little Angle's running and I pointed at them.

"Can I play with them?" I looked at them and they nodded putting me down as I ran towards them with laughter.

"Be careful!" I heard them in the distance as I kept running.

Angels began running the opposite way and so did the little ones crying and screaming. I didn't know why and I looked up to see darkness. I opened my eyes slowly to see that I was falling as feathers began to fly around and I was curious on why. They disappear and I felt voices in the distance.

*Dream ended*

I woke up instantly as Shuu looked at me with fear laced in his eyes.

"Princess? Are you okay?" He asked with a concern tone and I nodded my head.

His eyes soften and he hugged me tight, but breathable. I hugged back as I felt his head at the crook of my neck breathing heavily. His warm breath hit my skin giving me chills. He pulled back and caressed my cheek wiping a tear.

"Bad dream?" He asked and I nodded my head as he sighed stroking my hair.

"Wanna talk about it?" He asked again and I shook my head no as an answer.

He laid down on the head board and I lay my head on his chest wrapping my arms around his stomach. He gently stroke my hair and it was quiet.

"I was my dream." I managed to say.

"Falling? From a building?" He asked and I shook my head.

"From the sky...I saw feathers or was scary." I said softly and I felt Shuu's cold fingers stroke my cheek, but I didn't shiver from the coldness his fingers felt warm.

"Falling." He said and I nodded my head against his chest.

"What else happened?" He asked me gently trying not push me further, but with curiosity he asked.

"I saw kids running with wings...white fluffy clouds...two Angels holding me with smile placed on their faces...then darkness." I explained.

"They're just dreams, princess. Remember they're just dreams and sometimes they turn into nightmares." I nodded my head and looked up at Shuu who's eyes were closed, but soon opened looking at me.

"Do you get nightmares?" I asked him and he shrugs.

"Sometimes and sometimes I don't." He answered looking straight into my eyes.

"What about dreams?" He shook his head no and move strand of hair away from my face.

"No, never had any. When I was a child...I dream about...big things...playing violin around the world. Seeing smiles when I do, but now...they simply...disappeared." He mumbled and I slowly sat up looking at him.

"Would you like to see those dreams again?" I asked and he looked at me curiously, but answered.

"One last time." He said and I smiled as I leaned towards him softly kissing his lips before backing away from him.

"Close your eyes and count to three." I narrowed his eyes, but did as I said.

"1...2...3." He counted and soon his breathing went peacefully as he slept like a newborn.

I stroke his cheek gently and moved my hand away as he began to slowly smile from his sleep which made me smile. I stood up slowly and walked around the bed opening my door. I looked back at Shuu who was still sleeping with a smile and I got out gently closing the door behind me.

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