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HIS 3 wives and 1 husband by KingBlackquill
HIS 3 wives and 1 husbandby KingBlackquill
{Diabolik lovers x male oc} "Seriously Karl, must I teach you everything? " *sighs* "My apologies, love." . . . ⋆˚.•✩‧₊⋆⋆˚.•✩‧₊⋆⋆˚.•✩‧₊⋆⋆˚.•✩‧₊⋆⋆˚...
Maid To Queen (Diabolik lovers fanfic) *COMPLETE* by LoneWarrior8
Maid To Queen (Diabolik lovers LoneWarrior8
She was saved by a man when she was on the streets. Indept to this man she became his maid. She knew him and he knew her. Where will her story lead? #32 In diaboliklover...
yui's mute younger sister (Discontinued, Sadly) by cheshire567
yui's mute younger sister ( Livy cheshire
lilliana takashi, a mute 6 year old who is sent with her older sister yui komori, to live with 6 brothers but what happens when lilliana becomes the favored of the broth...
Beautiful Muted Sister (DL x OC) by AgentLoveSick
Beautiful Muted Sister (DL x OC)by MisSmiles
#1 Mutegirl #1 Subaru Lavender blue has been abused by Seiji, Yui and everyone in the church at the age of 5. She muted herself and trusted no one. She is traumatized ab...
The blind Sister [Diabolik Lovers] by AgentLoveSick
The blind Sister [Diabolik Lovers]by MisSmiles
What happens if Yui has a sister and comes to live with her? She knew her sister can't see anything and she always takes advantage of it. Meet Yukata Komori a girl who w...
Not all cute things are friendly~ by mavelbtsandcfandom
Not all cute things are friendly~by mavelbtsandcfandom
In which Yui's adopted sister comes to the sakimaki household and enchants the boys with her charms but is she as innocent as she claims? (Laito x shuu x reiji x kanato...
Kimetsu No Yaiba × Diabolik Lovers = 100 DAYS by Milim_NavaDemonLord
Kimetsu No Yaiba × Diabolik Milim_Nava
The actual story Nezuko suddenly appears in a different world where there are no Demons , but Vampires . But she woke up with a stranger who calls herself Nezuko's big...
Just One Prick | Diabolik Lovers x Male Oc by Sleepy_Dove
Just One Prick | Diabolik Lovers Eyeliza
After Yui was sent to the Sakamaki brothers and things unfolded in less than a school year, her younger brother was also sent by the church. To get rid of him. Two main...
Yui's sister(Harem Style) by gorgeousweeb
Yui's sister(Harem Style)by gorgeousweeb
Well she's Ruby yui's sister younger by a year and she may look cute she's a badass and you know how the rest goes yui is a bitch and let's see what ruby does about that...
Terrible [Diabolik Lovers x reader] by LifeisFunandGreat
Terrible [Diabolik Lovers x reader]by LifeisFunandGreat
(Y/N) is sent to the Sakamakis mansion after being told that her parents were going on a business trip. As she was dropped off, her mother had given her some odd pills t...
Sakamaki sister by Mikayuu4566
Sakamaki sisterby Mikayuu4566
Kara Sakamaki was kidnapped and abused by strange men when she was younger. 10 years later she's back but, not very stable. How will her brothers react or Yui.
DEADLY CURSED: diabolik lovers (english) by stxrk-
DEADLY CURSED: diabolik lovers ( ˗ˏˋ ᴄᴀᴍ !! ˎˊ˗
DIABOLIK LOVERS.| please, don't ever stop looking at me like that.
The Little Brother by silver-stories93
The Little Brotherby Nisa Silver
Meet Yui's little brother who's a lazy vampire, Rin. Let's follow his journey living with his sister at the Sakamaki Mansion as he uncovers various secrets along the way...
Amai (Sakamaki and Mukami Brothers Little Sister Reader Insert) by chatviolett
Amai (Sakamaki and Mukami chatviolet
Basically what the title says. You are the little sister of the Sakamaki and Mukami brothers! They will be OOC, since you're their little sister, they love you more than...
Silent Love (Shu X Oc) SLOW UPDATES by Rose_Dusk_Moon
Silent Love (Shu X Oc) SLOW UPDATESby Rose_Dusk_Moon
Yukune kumori is not your average girl because she is not a real human she's something else other than human. When her father send them to the sakamaki mansion, she did...
Is it too Diabolik to Obey me? by -Sakura_Tree-
Is it too Diabolik to Obey me?by RPG
Diabolik lovers and Obey me!(Shall we date?) crossover And a hint of Twisted Wonderland. (OC inserts) £&£&£&£&£&£&£&£&£&£&£&£&£&£&£&£&&£&£&£&£&£&£&£££&£&£&£&£&£&£&£&£&£...
Personal - Shu Sakamaki by Kuurechr
Personal - Shu Sakamakiby HIATUS til 01/01/22
You're his personal person. The one he sucks blood from, the one he sleeps with, the one he loves. But you're relationship gets a bit rocky when a certain someone come...
The idol's blood (diabolik lovers x male!Oc) by ave-satanas
The idol's blood (diabolik ...
Akito's father decided that Akito should settle down from his idol work, and stay in Japan rather than Korea or travelling around the world. Akito ends up In his family...
Their innocent femboy ( Diabolik lovers x male reader ) by GOGOAnimeTV5
Their innocent femboy ( Diabolik Asako kanon
Y/N komori is the adopted brother of yui komori. He is very innocent and doesn't know much about outside world . What happen when he and his bitch sister went to the hou...