A Vampire's Plaything {Sakamaki x Reader} by Hello__My__Name__Is
A Vampire's Plaything {Sakamaki Hello My Name Is
You are the Sakamaki's prized pet. You had seen brides come and go over the years and never had a problem with them. Until Yui arrives. Everything changes with the new B...
  • kanato
  • richter
  • vampires
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The Eldest Sakimaki and the Demon Queen by Silvercoat500
The Eldest Sakimaki and the Silver ❣️💕♊️
Lana was a young devil who was crowned queen of her kingdom. Her mother and father said she could become queen on one condition. She attended school. Their friend, Karlh...
  • subaru
  • diaboliklovers
  • fanfic
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The new girl (Shu x Reader) by yumilights
The new girl (Shu x Reader)by Yumi
This is just a cute little shu x reader.
  • diabolikloversmoreblood
  • cute
  • shusakamaki
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Diabolik Lovers - Daddy Scenarios (Sakamaki Edition) || Requests Open by CoffeeLoffee
Diabolik Lovers - Daddy ❀ death metal ❀
|| REQUESTS OPEN || ♡♤♡♤♡♤♡♤♡♤♡♤♡ Introducing Daddy Scenarios from Diabolik Lovers! These be including Shu, Reiji, Ayato, Kanato, Laito and Subaru, possibly the More B...
  • daddyscenarios
  • subaru
  • haunteddarkbridal
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Diabolik Lover's: Our Innocent Little Flower by L_Sakamaki15
Diabolik Lover's: Our Innocent L. Sakamaki🌸
Lavender, the Daughter of Karlheinz and Christa. She was a sweet little girl that was always there for anyone. Throughout her childhood, she was locked up with Christa...
  • karlheinz
  • reiji
  • cordelia
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The New Servant (Diabolik Lovers)  by 0LiLbean0
The New Servant (Diabolik Lovers) by ~I don't know~
Tetsuo Moon. He's the son of the Alpha of the Moon Pack. Though he doesn't necessarily live up to the expectations of his pack. He was the runt out of his other two sibl...
  • shu
  • diaboliklovers
  • laito
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strict (reiji x reader) by Shadowkunfuckass
strict (reiji x reader)by cosmoetic
Everything about your body was perfect. Every curve on your body could drive a guy crazy. But you couldn't care less, you were the biggest nerd. You loved books and also...
  • reiji
  • ayato
  • yuikomori
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Yui's Sadistic Sister (A Diabolik Lovers X Reader Story) by Animefan446
Yui's Sadistic Sister (A Kiera Morrison
What if Yui had a sister who is the total opposite of her and who was once a member of a street gang who stole and killed people for money? Meet (F/n) (L/n), who was lef...
  • love
  • ayato
  • diaboliklovers
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Twin Eves (Diabolik Lovers And Tokyo Ghoul fanfic)  by SuzukiChan16
Twin Eves (Diabolik Lovers And SuzukiChan16
You've heard of the story of Yui Komori, but have you heard of Yuka Komori. Probably not. Well if you want to know read the story to find out
  • hinami
  • ayato
  • kankei
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Darkness(Diabolik Lovers X OC) by ShizukiRopesu608
Darkness(Diabolik Lovers X OC)by Shizuki Ropesu
***I DO NOT OWN DIABOLIK LOVERS*** Shizuki Ropesu is moved to the Sakamaki mansion by the church with Yui, which she is not happy about. We all know how Yui's story goes...
  • ayato
  • laito
  • yuma
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A Vampire's Choice {Diabolik Lovers x Reader} by Hello__My__Name__Is
A Vampire's Choice {Diabolik Hello My Name Is
|| Final Book in A Vampire's Plaything Trilogy || In which the reader - a newborn vampire - must choose who she wants her new masters to be. || a lot of porn with plot |...
  • sakamakixreader
  • azusa
  • shu
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A Vampire's Pet {Mukami x Reader}  by Hello__My__Name__Is
A Vampire's Pet {Mukami x Reader} by Hello My Name Is
|| Sequel to A Vampire's Plaything || After being taken away from your previous masters, the Sakamaki brothers, you find yourself surrounded by new masters... and new de...
  • mukami
  • subaru
  • mukamibrothers
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Richter Sakamaki x Reader by Hello__My__Name__Is
Richter Sakamaki x Readerby Hello My Name Is
A collection of oneshots for my favorite asshole. ||CONTAINS: underage, incest, non-con, death, smut, language, drugging ||
  • readerinsert
  • richter
  • shu
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Diabolik Lovers x reader lemons  by EveIshBunny
Diabolik Lovers x reader lemons by Henlo
Diabolik Lovers x reader lemon Slow updates because I suck lol For some reason my first lemon sucked so sorry about that. People really liked my Namjoon x reader smut/le...
  • diabolik
  • oneshot
  • vampire
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Shu x Valt: One Shot by SpeedKnightStorm
Shu x Valt: One Shotby SpeedKnightStorm
I ship them so bad! That I have to make a short story about these two! And if you like reading the short story I can gladly do one of your ship. But if there a ship I do...
  • otp
  • shuxvalt
  • shu
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Beyblade Burst Boyfriend Scenarios by miracleboyvalt
Beyblade Burst Boyfriend Scenariosby miracleboyvalt
My friends are gonna hate me for this but imma do it anyways. So yeah the characters I'm going to do are: Valt Aoi Shu Kurenai Rantaro Kiyama Daina Kurogami Kensuke Mi...
  • lui
  • anime
  • shu
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Diabolik Lovers Lemons by Ayatooooo
Diabolik Lovers Lemonsby Elya💫
Hey ? This book is filled of Shit,Smut and Sluts I tried to be clever but it didn't work ?‍♀️
  • romance
  • laito
  • subaru
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Diabolik Lovers Oneshots by max419
Diabolik Lovers Oneshotsby Max
One shots from Diabolik Lovers!
  • diaboliklovers
  • sakamaki
  • subarusakamaki
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Beyblade Burst x Reader by Miss-Potter-Head
Beyblade Burst x Readerby JellyBean
I'm open for requests ALWAYS Highest Ranking: #650 in FanFiction #873 in FanFiction
  • wattys2018
  • ben
  • ukyo
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Beautiful Butterfly (DL x OC) by Dragon-Born-Princess
Beautiful Butterfly (DL x OC)by Dragon Princess
Iris is adopted from Greece by Seiji Komori. She speaks 6 languages and is a very talented, smart, nice, and gentle girl. Seiji was proud of her including the church exc...
  • completed
  • ayato
  • mukamibrothers
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