Chapter 4

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Lavender POV

I played catch with Angel at the rose garden. I threw the ball and Angel ran to get and came back with the ball in his mouth. I grabbed the ball and pet his head before throwing it again. Angel came running back with the ball and I grabbed it petting his head.

"May I?" I looked up to see Subaru and I handed him the ball.

Subaru threw the ball and Angel went to catch it. We stood there waiting for Angel until Subaru spoke.

"Sorry for what Reiji did to you. He didn't even mean to hurt you. I know it won't mean anything when it's coming from me and Reiji should be the one apologizing, but I'm just apologizing behalf of him." Subaru said and I nodded in response.

Angel came back with a ball in his mouth and Subaru grabbed it as I pet his head. Subaru threw the ball again and Angel followed it barking. Subaru looked at me and I did the same. He gave me a sad smile and caressed my cheek where Reiji had slapped me.

"Does it still hurt?" He asked with worry laced on his voice and I nodded a bit.

He leaned closer and closer to my face as I stared into his eyes. He moved my face aside and kissed my cheek gently. I felt his kiss go down towards my neck feeling his fangs scrape my skin making me shiver a bit. Angel barked and Subaru moved away looking at Angel grabbing the ball and petting his head. He mumbled something towards him which I couldn't hear. He stood back up and gave me the ball, patting my head and walking back inside the mansion. I looked at Angel and threw the ball again as Angel ran off to get it.

I waited for him to come for 10 minutes and I began to panic. I walked down the steps and ran towards were I threw the ball. I found the ball on the floor, but no sign of Angel which I began to panics more. I looked around and still no sign of him. I ran into the woods and saw a black haired man petting Angel who nuzzled his hand. I silently moved closer towards them as a twig crack on my step making the man turn around. Angel saw me and ran towards me with delight as I picked him up and pet his head.

"You know, you shouldn't let a pet ran off without a collar on." The man said as he walked towards me, but I backed away.

"Don't worry, I'm not here to hurt you. Your wolf found me while I was reading under the tree." I peeked to the side to see a book laying on the grass.

"My name is Ruki Mukami. You must be Lavender, am I correct?" He asked and I nodded my head.

"I see, my brother Yuma had told us so much about you and I swear he didn't even stop describing how beautiful and angelic you are. I thought he was just saying random things, but now that I have seen you in person I can't help, but agree on Yuma. You are beautiful and you look just like an Angel. It's a pleasure to meet you, Princess Lavender." He grabbed my hand gently and kissed the back of it.

"You smell just like a flower with a hint of jasmine flower. Do you like flowers, Miss Lavender?" I nodded my head and he smiled.

"Wonderful. Will you please meet me here tomorrow night? I have a surprise present that I would like to give you." I nodded my head again and he smiled kissing the back of my hand.

"I will see you soon." With a blink of an eye he soon disappeared leaving his book behind.

I walked towards the book and picked it up the ground. The title is called Flowers and there was a book mark stuck between the pages. I walked back towards the mansion carrying Angel and the book. I entered the mansion, up the stairs and towards my room. I placed Angel down on my bed as he lay and fell asleep. I opened the page were the book mark was and it was on a page called Lavender. I slowly flipped the page as a paper flew out making me pick it up. I slowly unfolded it to see a drawing of me and Yuma's signature on the bottom right. I slowly smiled and folded it placing it back inside the book.

I placed the book inside my nightstand and got ready for school. I walked towards Angel and pet his head gently as he slowly opened his eyes to look at me.

"I have to go to school, I will put food here and water for you then a potty pad for you." He barked like his saying okay and I smiled.

I nuzzled his nose and kissed his head before walking outside the door. I walked down the stairs as the brothers stood there waiting. I saw Reiji look at me, but I quickly went to Shu and he looked at me stroking my hair. I glanced towards Reiji to see hurt in his eyes with a sign of regret too. As soon as Yui came late again, Reiji scolded her.

"Let's go." He said and we all followed him to the limo.

The driver opened the door for us and we all entered it. I sat next to Shu and Laito while Yui sat at the same spot. Reiji looked at me with regret placed on his eyes. He was about to touch my hand when I back away and leaned against Laito and he wrapped his arms around me protectively while giving Reiji a glare.

"Why don't you just leave her alone. You already hit her once, Reiji and I don't accept any of your excuse so you could lay your filthy hands on her. If you want to slap someone, why not slap bitch-Chan. Little flower had gone so much already and give her a break." Laito said angrily and Reiji leaned back to his seat starting to read his book.

I could see tears wanting to fall from his eyes, but kept reading. I lay my head on Laito's shoulder as he rubbed my shoulder gently. I could feel Reiji watching us. After avoiding Reiji the whole time...I don't know if I could avoid him in class since our teacher is gonna group everyone together. This is going to be a weird day.

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