Aurora's jaw clenched as she looked around, most people looking at her with hatred, whilst the odd few looked at her with pity. She huffed as she stormed past the group, not even bothering to pick up her bag.

Fred walked closer to Seamus, he grabbed the thirteen year old boy by the collar of his shirt, "Anything else you want to say?"


"That's right," Fred let go and then looked up at everyone else who was watching him with wide eyes, "Anyone else have anything to say?'

No one spoke out.

"I didn't think so. Now I swear if I hear one more thing about Aurora, you'll bloody regret it," He threatened.

Everyone seemed shocked, they'd only ever heard Fred speaking with joy in his voice, usually his eyes were laughing but this time there was no laughter, no smirk, no smile anywhere on his face. His eyes were filled with anger, anger at the people who think it's okay to judge someone only on their name or family. People who were suppose to be her friend, turned on her after three years of knowing her.

"You were all her friends," He added, "Especially you four," Fred nodded at Hermione, Harry, Ron and Neville who all looked down in guilt, even Harry. He couldn't forgive her father, but he shouldn't have blamed her for it. The red haired boy took one more glance at the group before he picked Aurora's bag up and left the Great Hall.

"Holy Merlin's balls," Lee whispered to George, both who were frozen in place, still completely shocked as to what they just witnessed.


Fred walked into Professor Lupin's classroom, expecting to see the black haired girl there as that was their next lesson, yet he was confused to see Professor Lupin sat at his desk alone in the classroom.

"Ah, Fred, you're early," Professor Lupin commented as he glanced up from his book.

"Erm, yeah," Fred mumbled, "I thought Aurora was already here."

This caught Lupin's attention, he placed his book down before giving the red haired boy his full attention, "What made you think that?"

Fred scratched the back of his neck, "Well, we've got this first and she left the Great Hall about fifteen minutes ago."

"What made her leave?"

Fred sighed before he explained to Lupin everything that went down in the Great Hall.

Aurora ran up to her dorm after she left the Great Hall. There was nobody inside as lessons were just starting. She sat down on her bed, her back leaning against the frame as she sighed and took off her Gryffindor tie. She was tired of people blaming her for her father's mistakes, because of it she felt alone.

A tapping on the window snapped her out of her head and she saw Nova trying to find her way inside. A small smile appeared on her face as she got up to let her owl in, who dropped two enveloped down onto Aurora's bed before she made herself comfortable on the girl's pillows.

Aurora closed the window before she went over to her drawer and pulled out a few treats for the tired owl, who accepted them with a hoot.

Aurora automatically recognised that one of the envelopes was from Charlie but she couldn't figure out who the second one was from. She swore she saw that handwriting somewhere before, but she just couldn't remember where. She tore Charlie's letter open before getting comfortable on her bed.

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