"Okay then, what's your request?" I say.

"(Y/n), I humbly ask to become apart of your party" Welf asks.

"I don't see why not. I've been needing to find party members lately" I state.

"So is that a yes?" He questions while getting excited.

"Yup, we're in a party now, unless there's some sort of paper work we need to fill out first"

"Awsome, how about we go to the pantheon right now" Welf says.

Part 2.

It's the next day, Me, Welf, and a grump Lili were on the 11th floor of the dungeon. We just arrived on the floor a few moments ago and boy was Welf excited. I wasn't exactly sure why Lili was all grumpy but I was guessing it was because eof Welf.

"Finally!, I made it to floor 11!" Welf shouts with excitement before posing like a kid who just found something amazing "Sorry (Y/n), I guess I shouldn't of asked you to do this right away"

"It's not a problem Welf, the more people by your side in the dungeon the better"

"I'm glad that at least one of us is happy.." Lili says then turns to Eelf "Don't you think you should be adventuring with someone from your own familia?" Welf then grumbles a bit.

"Welf doesn't exactly get along with his familia all to well" I tell her.

"So you fell for this guy's sob story. Why didn't you discuss this with me first, Your own supporter let alone girlfrined?! Your lucky I don't shoot you in the ass with my crossbow right now!" She then shouts at me.

"Holy hell, no arrows need to be flying at anything but monsters. It's nothing to get mad about for God's sake" I tell her.

"Am I that much of a burden pip squeak?" Welf says.

"Don't call me pip squeak. I have a name you know and it's Liliruca Arde"

"Oh, pardon me a little bit, put her there" Welf says then tries to be a bit civil and holds his hand out.

"I don't think so" Lili says and turns away.

"I'd appreciate it if we could all get along. Besides, Welf Crozzo makes armor that I like" I tell her.

"Crozzo? Did you just say Crozzo?!, The cursed magic swordsmiths from the failed smithing nobility!" Lili shouts.

"Yeah, so what? It's just another last name to me. I did my fair share of research and I honestly don't care about what his family does or used to do" I state.

"At least there's someone who understands" Welf sighs.

We hear the sound of rock breaking around us and we see monsters coming out from the ground, orcs and imps to be more specific.

Welf then draws his sword "You guys can leave the orcs to me, they shouldn't be to hard for me to handle by myself"

"I guess I'll try to back you up the best I can" Lili says while arming her crossbow.

"Aww, thanks little bit" Welf says then whispers to me "I think she likes me"

"No, you make me totally want to puke" Lili says "But I cant let you get into master (Y/n)'s way"

"I didn't know you were into that kind of stuff (Y/n)" Welf chuckles.

"It's not like that, she's the one who decided to call me that since the beginning" I state.

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