Labrynth Paradise

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Hello everyone it's time for a new chapter. Last chapter you experienced your first day on the 18th floor with Aiz.


POV: You

Part 1.

It's morning, well, there's light outside because of the crystals. Today we were all going to a town that adventerures built on the 18th floor, except for Ryuu for some reason. I carried Hestia on my back after she complained that here feet were killing her.

"Hestia, can I ask you something?"

"Yeah, of course" she said.

"If your here, whose watching Rai?" I asked.

"Ohh, Hephaestus is watching him. She's a sucker for cuteness" Hestia tells me.

"Okay, it's good that you didn't just leave him" I say.

"We're here" Aiz says and the group sees a rustic looking town with a wooden wall around it.

We walked inside the town and Hestia got off my back. I watched as Lili and Welf looked at the goods and flip out because of the absurd prices.

"Seriously!, 13,000 valis just for this little wet stone, that's crazy" Welf exclaims.

"And they want 20,000 for this raggedy old hand bag" Lili says.

"If you don't like it take your business else ware" The guy selling the goods says and Lili growls at the man.

"And all the inns are extreamely pricy too" Tonie says.

"So that's why we decided to go camp out in the woods" Tonia adds.

I then noticed that Hestia wasn't standing next to me anymore "Where'd she go?" I questioned.

"Oh, Goddess Hestia is right over there" Aiz says and points to our left.

We see Hestia trying to barder with a lady over what looked like perfume. As I went to go over to Hestia, a guy walks out of one of the inns and bumps into me.

"I'm sorry about that" I say as I turned to the guy.

I then realized that it was the guy from Hostess of Fertility who I smashed his head into the table "You again" he says.

"How's the nose treating you?" I ask him with no hostility towards him.

"Fine, but you owe me for that" He says before one of his friends grabs his shoulder.

"I wouldn't do that Mord" one of his friends says before pointing behind me.

Behind me, Aiz was staring at Mord and his two friends with a state I couldn't describe. Behind her was Tonia and Tonie gleaming at them.

"So your with the Sword Princess?" Mord says then growls a bit "Lets go" Mord and his friends then start walking away

"What's with them?" Tonie asks her sister.

"Their just losers" Tonia replies.

"Nobody hurts you while I'm around" Aiz says as she stood very close to me.

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