The Middle Floors

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Hello everyone it's time for a new chapter. Last chapter a guy named Welf Crozzo joined your party, he also made you a few blades in the name of friendship.


POV: You

Part 1.

It's morning right now, around 6 o'clock. I was with Hestia outside the church. Hestia was sending me off to the dungeon, I wore a cloak made of salamander wool. Today was kinda special since today would be the first day I would be going to the middle floors.

"I'll be heading off now Hestia" I say.

Hestia stood in front of me with her hands on her hips, wearing her usual white outfit. She nods then leans forward a bit.

"You know (Y/n), that salamander wool is a lot more conspicuous than I thought it would be" Hestia says

"Well, I'm going to have to be extra prepared for the middle floors, Eina wouldn't have it any other way" I replied.

"Well, if your adviser suggested it to you then I guess you should probably listen, and don't go pushing yourself too hard just because your level 2 now, okay" Hestia tells me.

"Got it" I say.

I hugged Hestia and she hugs me back "Please be careful (Y/n"

"I will my goddess" I say.

Hestia looks at me then leans in and plants a kiss on my lips. Her eyes were closed but mine were wide open in shock.

"I'm kissing a goddess!, I hope I don't get simited for kissing one of the three greek virgin goddesses!"

Hestia pulls away and we both let go from the hug at the same time. She and I were both blushing a bit.

"That was a good luck kiss" She tells me "I know what your thinking.....but your not going to get hurt or anything for kissing me, not now not ever.You are my boyfriend after all.."

I smiled before kissing her on the cheek "I'll see you later Hestia"

I then started to walk away towards the Hostess of Fertility. I needed to get the lunch from Syr but also she said that she wanted to give me something else as well. After a good walk I reached the tavern. I walk into the tavern and I see Arnya and Chloe perk their ears up then looked at me with interest.

"Is Syr here?" I ask.

"Syr is in the kitchen with Ryuu nya" Chloe says while her tail waved back and forth.

"Okay, thanks" I say.

"Your welcome nya" Chloe replies and her cheeks were a faint pink.

I go into the kitchen and I see Syr and Ryuu prepping some food "What are you guys making?" I ask.

"(Y/n)!" Syr says after seeing me and hugs me, when she let's go she replies "Me and Ryuu are making your lunch"

"Your helping her Ryuu?" I asked as I looked past Syr.

I see Ryuu's cheeks become a bit pink "I wanted to make sure that you had a more filling lunch since you would start going to the middle floors starting today"

"That's very thoughtful Ryuu, thank you. It will be a pleasure to eat your cooking as well" I say then smiled.

Ryuu's cheeks become a darker shade of pink. Syr notices the blush on Ryuu's face and starts to giggle a little.

"Your blushing Ryuu" Syr says.

Ryuu avoids eye contact with me and Syr and turns her head away "No I'm not"

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