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Hello everyone it's time for another chapter. Last chapter you found out that you go a new skill while also leveled up to level 2.


POV: You

Part 1.

It's the day after Denatus day and I was inside their armor shop that Eina took me to get armor when I got my first set of Welf Crozzo armor. I looked around them store for about 10 minutes, rumiging through crate after crate trying to find armor by Welf Crozzo. Not even a single piece of armor with the name Welf Crozzo on it. I walked through their isles to get to them front to see ask where I could get some armor by Welf Crozzo. As I got closer and closer I heard a guy arguing with them store owner.

"Hey man!, why's my stuff always in their back?, I put my life on the line to make and you can't even give me some decent shelf space. Up nice high, eye level" The guy arguing with the store owner says.

The guy had red hair while wearing a black coat, pants and black boots along with a blue scarf around his neck. They store owner looks past him and sees me.

"Sir, can I help you find something?" The owner asks me.

"Yeah, I can't find any armor by Welf Crozzo, Did you stop selling his armor?" I say as I got to the counter.

The owner looked at me and then looked at the guy a few times. I look at the guy and a big smirk appears on his face. He then started laughing so hard it sounded like I just said the funniest joke in the world.

"Shop till you drop kid, armor by Welf Crozzo" The guy says while motioning to the armor on the counter.

"Your Welf Crozzo?" I asked the guy next to me who had a cheeky smile on his face.

"Yup, the one and only" He says "How about we go somewhere to talk"

We walk out of the store and I follow him with the crate of armor in my hands. He leads me to a bench that was in the small plaza under Babel where the entrance to the dungeon is

"What's your name kid?" The guy asks me.

"My name's (Y/n) (L/n), nice to meet you Welf Crozzo" I say whole holding my hand out to him.

"So, the famus Rook is interested in my work, I'm flattered" Welf says.

"Your armor is just what I'm looking for. Strong and durable yet light and easy to move in. My previous set of your armor saved my life a few days ago" I tell him.

Welf then starts talking loudly "So, (Y/n) (L/n), you have purchased my armor twice now haven't you while my armor also saved your life, I suppose that makes you my very satisfied customer"

"Yeah....that's about right"

The people who were standing near us talked a bit before leaving the area. Welf then looks back to me.

"Sorry about that, that was just a little territorial despute" Weld said then gets a bit serious "Now then (Y/n), How would you like to do business with me directly?"

"Sounds great" I replied "Anything you need to clereify?"

"So this is how it will be, I'll give you a special deal on any armor or weapons you need, but I do have one little o'l request for in exchange, It's not much"

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