Short and Busty Vs. Tall and Flat

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Hello everyone I'm back for another chapter. Last chapter you nearly got your self in the dungeon after what happened in the tavern.

P.S.:  Yay! This book isn't dead. That's what some of you are saying. Well don't worry I will continue to update this.


POV: Hestia

Part 1.

I was had (Y/n) on his stomach without a shirt on as I checked at his stats. It's only been a day since he went into the dungeon for the entire night. I looked in awe and in frustration at his states. His states have increases exponentially with every stat in the lower triple digits.

"Is there something wrong Goddess Hestia?" (Y/n) asks me.

"Uh, no, not at all" I answer.

"He's growing too quickly" I then imagined the condition of his equipment. His jacket was all torn with blood stains, his knife had scratches all in with chips in the blade."I know what happened was out of the ordinary but that's not enough to explain this" Then I came to a conclusion "This rare skill I've never heard of Liaris Freese. Thanks a lot Wallen what's her whatever. The skill causes a rapid increase in growth rate as long as he maintains his feelings and it accelerates depending on how strong they are, well  isn't that so nice for you. She must be the reason for this right?. Still I wonder if I should tell
(Y/n) about all of this. The other gods are going to want him now, I can't tell him"

After finishing I sat on the bed next to where he was laying down.

"Hey (Y/n)? Can I just tell you what your status is today?" I asked.

"Sure I guess" he replies.

He then gets up off the bed and puts on a shirt. Not like I would of minded if he didn't put one back on.

"Maybe I'll give him a little push"

POV: You

Goddess Hestia just finished telling me my stats. She sat on the couch as I sat on a stool across from her.

"Hold on wait a minute, your telling me that my status really went up that much?!" I question trying not to shout.

Goddess Hestia simply nods calmly before replying "Yes, right now your improving at an incredible pace, it's almost like a growth spirt"

"Okay...." I say.

"Understand that this is nothing but my own personal opinion but I think you have a natural talent for this. Your getting stronger and you have a serious desire to get stronger as well" She continues to explain.

"I do" I tell her.

She looks down a bit then says "I respect your wishes okay (Y/n). What ever I can do for you, I will do it b-but don't push it to hard. Please promise me you won't, I'm begging you (Y/n) don't leave me all alone"

"I've never had the desire to leave you all alone Goddess and never will. I promise that I will never leave alone Goddess and I promise to become stronger so that I won't break that promise. So you don't have to worry about that okay Goddess" I tell her.

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