Rough Patch

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Hello everyone it's time for a new chapter. Last chapter you, Lili, and Welf had arrived on the middle floors but things soon turned south after that.


POV: You

Part 1.

Me, Lili, and Welf had just fallen through the floor and fell and hit cold hard ground. I lifted myself off the ground then felt a sharp pain in my left arm. I look at my left arm and see a large cut on my upper arm, through my now torn sleeve. I look and see a large rock on Welf's ankle and I see Lili sat up against a few rocks.

"What in the hell....."

"I guess that got rid of our previous problem" Welf groaned while holding his leg.

I then hear the sound of a hell hound. I look up and I see one appear from the edge above us. It opens its mouth, readying to breath fire at me. I held out my right arm, readying it. Right when the hell hound breathed its some what narrow stream of fire I sent one of my own back.

"Fire bolt!" I shouted with some pain in my voice.

My firebolt shoots through the hell hounds fire and kills it in the other side. I turned away from the incoming fire and let the salamander wool do its job. After the fire went away I went to help Welf. I grabbed the stone and tossed it to the side with the pain in my arm growing more after putting stress on it.

"Damn it all" I say as I held my arm.

I then helped Welf with my right arm and put his left arm around my neck so that I could help him around.

"How bad is your ankle?" I ask Welf.

"It hurts like hell to move it, but I can stand if need be" He replies.

"Lili, you okay?" I ask.

"Yeah, I'm fine, my bag took most of the impact for me" Lili states.

"Good to know"

The caves around us were wet and gave off a slight blue glow, looking like a more cave like version of the early floors.

"Hey,how awesome are we, we were on floor 13 for only 20 minutes and next thing we know we dropped 2 floors" Welf says.

"The floor caved in so fast, it's a miracle that we were able to make it out" Lili says as she gripped the straps of her bag.

"And without this salamander wool I would be toast right now" I say.

"Your fashion advisor is pretty smart" Welf says.

"Yeah, I don't know what I'd do without her" I say.

We then hear a growl "Not another one" Welf says as he tried to hold his sword up.

"That wasn't a monster" Lili pouts "That was my stomach"

"Let's take a break right here" I say then looked at Lili "Check if the lunch Syr and Ryuu made is still good after that fall"

I set Welf up against a wall and he leaned his sword against the wall next to him. Lili dug through her bag before pulling out the lunch Syr and Ryuu made. Some how the boxes survived the 2 floor fall though the boxes looked unscathed.

"What the heck are these boxes made off?" Lili asks as she set the lunch boxes on the ground.

"Not sure" I say.

I unwrapped the cloth on the boxes and opened the boxes revealing food that honestly looked better then the doors Mama Mia makes.

"Holy shit that food looks good" Welf says with his mouth watering.

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