My Goddess

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Hello everybody. It's time for chapter 2 of danmachi. Last chapter you met Aiz Wallenstein, given the nickname Sword Princess of Orario. Now let's get into the chapter.


POV: You

Part 1.

I was walking home to my goddess after meeting with Eina. I walked through the part of Orario where abandoned and destroyed buildings were everywere. I passed piles of rubble and debris in the street from destroyed buildings. Then I found my home, it was a abondoned church that wasn't in the best of conditions. I walked through the set of double doors of the church. Piles of rubble covered the floor. Most of the benches were broken down, pieces of the ceiling were missing, the glass windows were now all shattered, and many other things that were wrong.

"I'm going to have to clean this place up one of these days, this place is definitely going to be hard to get remotely close to 'safe' and 'secure'" I thought.

I walk through the church stepping around fallen debris until I got to the alter. I then opened the door to the right of the alter. I walked down the small stair well into the room below. In the room was basic furniture and necessities for a living space. It didn't look like the best place to live, especially for a goddess. Most of the furniture was old and not all of them were in the best of conditions, especially the couch, it was torn and had stuffing sticking out.

"Are you still home goddess" I call out.

I then hear some squealing and laughing then a girl that's 4'7" comes running at me and nearly spears me.

"Hahah, welcome home (Y/n), you sure are back early" Goddess says.

Goddess Hestia has blue eyes, her black hair is tied into twin tails thst reach down to her mid thighs. She wears a white dress with a ribbon on her neck.

 She wears a white dress with a ribbon on her neck

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"Yeah..., I almost got my self killed in the dungeon today"

She then begins to panic a bit while checking my body for injuries.

"What, your not hurt are you?. I mean if you ever ended up dead it would totally give me a heart attack" She says while some how working her way up to wrapping her small legs around my chest.

I then pick her off my chest and set her on the ground.

"I'm fine Goddess" I then get on a knee "I swear, I'm the only other member of the Hestia familia, I'm not going to go and get my self killed and abandon my precious Goddess"

Goddess Hestia then closes her eyes and smiles "Well I'm glad to hear it, guess I just have to relax then and trust you won't get into any trouble" then she jumps up a bit as she remembers something "Ohh yeah and I brought you a special treat today, Taa Daa! You hungry"

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